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In Eastport, a tourist town on Cape Cod, lives a family of freaks My family I m a psychic My brother s a medium My mother s a telepath Tourists love us Townies scorn us My name is Clarity Clare Fern and my brother is Periwinkle Perry Fern What were our parents thinkingClarity Clare Fern is a psychic Her father is long gone and the family earns a living by using their respective talents to entertain tourists Even though their customers think it s just harmless fun, the locals know that their talents are real When a young girl ends up dead in a hotel room right in the middle of a political campaign, Clare is asked to secretly work with the mayor s son her cheating ex boyfriend, and Gabriel, the new boy in town It is the mayor s hope that she will be able to use psychometry to identify the killer as quickly as possible, which would help him save face and eventually win the election Clarity was a big surprise for me I always approach paranormal YA with a certain amount of weariness, but I needn t have worried this time I finished it all in one sitting, in less than three hours, and found it very refreshing I could have done without the love triangle, but I didn t mind as much as I thought I would Torn between an almost perfect ex boyfriend who cheated on her once while heavily drunk, and the mysterious new boy in town who harbors conflicted feelings towards her, Clare didn t know which way to turn, and neither did I That s probably why I didn t hate the whole situation as much as I normally would I have no idea who Clare will end up with and I kind of like it that way, for now I do have a favorite, though.That said, I m a bit tired of the new bad boy in town trope Gabriel fits it perfectly He likes Clare the second he sees her, but there s something in his past no spoilers, I promise that makes him hate, or rather despise all psychics, Clare included, so he tries to keep his distance, and the whole love hate thing that happens after that is just a little tiresome, in my opinion However, the shortness of the book and the pretty fast pacing didn t leave much time for Gabriel s internal struggles.Clare found her place high up on my list of favorite heroines She felt like an actual person to me and I enjoyed her intelligence and her loyalty In fact, I thought all the characters were fully fleshed out, except maybe Clare s mother, but I have a feeling something s coming there too You can only expect so much in 250 pages, and I was really satisfied with how much Harrington was able to include I have high hopes for all these characters in the sequel After reading the blurb for book two, I m absolutely convinced that I already know the identity of Clare s stalker I can t wait to find out if I m right A copy of this book was kindly provided by the publisher, Scholastic UK, for review purposes.Also posted at The Nocturnal Library #FREE E-PUB ð Clarity ⚜ When You Can See Things Others Can T, Where Do You Look For The Truth This Paranormal Murder Mystery Will Have Teens Reading On The Edge Of Their SeatsClarity Clare Fern Sees Things Things No One Else Can See Things Like Stolen Kisses And Long Buried Secrets All She Has To Do Is Touch A Certain Object, And The Visions Come To Her It S A Gift And A CurseWhen A Teenage Girl Is Found Murdered, Clare S Ex Boyfriend Wants Her To Help Solve The Case But Clare Is Still Furious At The Cheating Jerk Then Clare S Brother Who Has Supernatural Gifts Of His Own Becomes The Prime Suspect, And Clare Can No Longer Look Away Teaming Up With Gabriel, The Smoldering Son Of The New Detective, Clare Must Venture Into The Depths Of Fear, Revenge, And Lust In Order To Track The Killer But Will Her Sight Fail Her Just When She Needs It Most 23 Cassandra Clare Kim Harrington , teamjustinspellman 24 in my defence 221 , 4 life changing.H One girl, one pen I was so mesmerized reading CLARITY that at one point I got off at the wrong bus stopbut it was well worth the longer walk home Kim Harrington has extracted the best elements from the Paranormal and Whodunnit genres and synthesized them into a fascinating, beachside murder mystery In addition to the killer story, I absolutely loved the atmospheric world of CLARITY, which has traded the traditional Everytown, USA setting for a very real and well explored Cape Cod Everything about this book felt refreshing, and I m grateful to have finally found a story to fill the Private Detective shaped void left in my heart after VERONICA MARS was canceled Can t wait for Book 2. Yeah, I was Claire Fern, tough psychic chick, member of the freak family But if they stripped all those labels off people might be shocked to find a normal girl beneath Who doesn t want to spend her days on the defensive.Who wants what everyone else wants.To be loved.While some are born with talents like singing and art, the Fern family are born with supernatural abilities Clarity is a psychic, her brother, Perry is a medium and her mom, Starla is telepathic Together they work at a business, providing readings to the good tourist that come to Eastport When a sudden murder happens in town Clarie is asked to help out in the investigation and finds herself working side by side with the Mayer s son and ex boyfriend, Justin and the detectives son, Gabriel to solve this case But when Clarie finds out that her brother Perry was with the victim the night she died, Clarie is put in a no end situation Family comes first, and she has to do what ever it takes to protect him What ever it takes.This book was just awesome I don t think I found one element I didn t enjoy The writing style is remarkable, it was so easy to get caught up in these characters lives The plot line has a great whodunit mystery that kept me on my toes and had me guessing through out the whole story and the characters are all strongly developed and really likable.Clarie is freaken awesome There s nothing like a fiery protag who doesn t take crap from anyone, specially idiotic mean girls or gorgeous guys for that matter I like that she takes charge and doesn t need others to hold her hand She can take care of herself and does a fine job of doing just that That doesn t mean she doesn t feel hurt when others look at her like a freak, but at least she has the spunk to be who she is and hold her head up high Love her Then there are the boys, Justin and Gabriel, who funny enough, made some jackass moves view spoiler Justin cheated on her, but it was a drunken mistake that he was truly sorry for, hide spoiler Rating like 4.5 stars Favourite Quote Listen, I gather you have a problem working with a psychic Believe me, I don t like working with a jackass any better Loved it Clarity is an awesome debut It is a hypnotic and intriguing read that I could not get enough of Harrington s effortless style makes for entertaining and absorbing read I love the premise of Clarity Clare s gift is retcocognitive psychometry picking up imprints from objects She uses her gift to help solve the murder of a teenage girl working alongside her ex boyfriend and the new sheriff s son aka new hottie in town It s pages are full of mystery and suspense I never guessed who the killer was I thought it was going to be predictable but there was a few twists that I didn t expect.Clare is awesome Feisty, determined and instantly likeable I love a character that sticks up for herself She might be bullied but she doesn t take their crap lying down Clare doesn t mind saying what is on her mind or giving the occasionally elbow to the stomach.There is a love triangle and I actually didn t mind it Probably because I couldn t pick between the two guys, Justin and Gabriel, either and also because Clare handle it the right way Plus I like that fact that it isn t typical bad boy vs good boy Both are just normal guys who make mistakes but they are both good guys and gorgeous as well which never hurts.My only tiny teeny little complaint with this book is the thriller part could have been a little bit scarier Sure, it had a few surprises but it didn t get my pulse pounding Overall, Clarity had everything I was looking for in a fun reading escape great characters, fantastic premises and left me with a craving for. I love teen sleuths I love teens with paranormal powers So it s no wonder that I enjoyed this book combining the two Yes, the blurb is kind of stupid I can t see something like It s a gift And a curse without thinking of Adrian Monk and snickering I mean, it s his trademark line It s like trying to use With great power comes great responsibility without irony It can t be done.Clarity lives in a Cape Cod island town where tourism is big business, and her family makes their living doing psychic readings Unlike many tourist traps, though, they re for real Clarity uses psychometry to read objects, seeing the past of who held them last, while her brother Perry can talk to the dead and her mother can read thoughts When a young female tourist is murdered, Clarity s unique skills as a psychic are in demand, but the case becomes complicated when she learns that Perry was with the girl on the night she died Anyway So, I must mention Veronica Mars She s THE teen sleuth to end all teen sleuths Clarity resembles Veronica in her prickly toughness, her snarkiness, and her resourcefulness Though she s psychic, her intelligence and inquisitiveness are just as useful in solving this mystery She just has a little bit of a psychic edge She s no professional like Veronica, but she fits well in the long line of dogged, intrepid teen detectives that precede her But what really strikes me about the similarity is how they are outsiders in their community Clarity says right away that she doesn t really have any friends outside of her brother and her brother s best friend and once upon a time Justin, who is now her ex boyfriend She tells herself she s an outsider because of her paranormal powers, and that s part of it, sure, but it s also because she s unforgiving and stand offish She s always armed to the teeth with witty remarks and righteousness and once you ve wronged her, you don t get a second chance I m not saying she s totally at fault for her isolation, because the casual bullying from her peers is real, but I got the feeling that she could make some female friends if she wanted to That really reminds me of Veronica Mars, whose suspicious nature and taste for revenge is legendary for trumping personal relationships Though Clarity warms up and becomes forgiving, especially with her ex Justin, it explains a little bit why her brother, who is frequently described as charming and calming and easy going, has less trouble at school There may also be a male female double standard thing going, but then, when isn t there I think in this case self perception has a lot to do with Clarity s unpopularity versus her brother s popularity Of course, while I m saying that Clarity reminds me of Veronica, that s where the resemblance ends Don t worry my essay on Veronica Mars will never see the light of day You can thank me later This is not a dark, twisty thriller where you can t trust anyone Even though this is about multiple murders, it has a light tone and I never worried that anything bad was going to happen to the main characters The story doesn t take any risks But what it does, it does well It presents several viable suspects for the killings and didn t take the super easy way out I even fell for one of the red herrings It s fast paced and there s a sense of rising stakes the longer it takes Clarity to solve the mystery, the in danger everyone is especially when her brother is finally accused of the crime The opening sets up the tension right away, and if the reveal of who is pointing the gun at Clarity is a little over the top, I still appreciated not being able to immediately guess who it was going to be.Still, the villain s monologuing scene is just that monologuing Harrington does such a good job making you suspect various people all we know is that Clarity recognizes the killer that it s kind of disappointing how one note the killer becomes Not that I don t buy their motivations, just that I think we should be past the point where the killer waves a gun around smugly explaining everything in one long info dump I know what I m going to do if I ever become a killer with an evil plan carry it through as efficiently as possible, with minimal time wasted explaining it to people I intend to kill anyway.The other problem I had was that I didn t really buy how Clarity ended up working the case in the first place Not just because it s ludicrous that the mayor and the police would ask teenagers to investigate, even if the teenagers are a psychic and the son of the new police detective Even though it is Ludicrous, I mean What kills me is they don t recruit the other members of her family, like Perry, who can talk to ghosts, which might be, I don t know, useful when people are being murdered And while I like Clarity s mother, that s some seriously hands off parenting She seems to know what s going on the whole time, but she never intercedes in her daughter s investigating.Finally, I enjoyed how chill the love triangle ended up being I have no problems with love triangles, as long as they don t become the main focus on the story, and as long as all three characters are equally well rounded Justin, the ex boyfriend who made a drunken mistake, and Gabriel, the son of the new detective, are both good love interests They both have baggage that affects Clarity without really being about her Justin cheated on her, but it s really like he was taken advantage of while drunk by a scheming girl and Gabriel hates psychics because of view spoiler something that happened in the investigation of his missing sister yeah, I think that ll come back in the next book hide spoiler Hmm I think I m in the minority here when I say that I didn t like this.I don t know much about the modus operandi of the law other than what I ve seen on Law Order, naturally , but since when do police detectives and the mayor enlist the residential psychics to help solve a murder case The police have Clare investigate the scene of the crime and have her mother read the minds of a lineup of suspects WT I mean, would their testimony even hold up in a court of law I realize this is fiction, but come on I ve never heard of the police taking psychics and their abilities that seriously You can actually read about this subject here Another thing that I found completely ridiculous Clare s brother s name is Periwinkle no shit But, of course, his friends and family just refer to him as Perry because if the girls in town found this out he wouldn t be able to get into their pants just to be clear, the book doesn t actually describe it like that that s just my summarization You see, Periwinkle, excuse me coughs , Perry is sowing his wild oats I sincerely tried to find interest in Clare s character It wasn t a matter of liking her, I just simply didn t connect with her and, quite frankly, I found most of the characters and the writing rather flat Gabriel is the typical love interest What follows is the scene where Clare first sees Gabriel and his father, Detective ToscanoThe door opened, and a man I d never seen before came in Tall and broad shouldered with tan skin and black hair, he was handsome for an older man Just as I thought that, his younger clone walked in behind him The younger guy s walk oozed confidence and his body radiated heat He wore low slung jeans and a black T shirt that clung just so to his muscular frame As he walked past our booth, he glanced at me with his dark eyes and then cracked a small smile I nearly melted right there in my seat Yep Gabriel is a human furnace and Clare is ice cream I m afraid I ve heard that one too many times.The only two characters I found any interest in were Nate and Justin Nate is the boy who ll always be there for you, although Clare s too busy choosing between her ex Justin and the new human furnace in town to recognize him as anything than a friend.I thought that Justin was a much appealing choice than Gabriel The only problem with Justin is that he cheated on Clare And get this Clare s mother encourages her to get back together with him Justin s affair is described as a drunken one night stand, but, still, what kind of mother wants their daughter to get back with the boy who cheated on her Honestly, I m not the kind of person who normally dislikes the paranormal genre If you look at my shelves, you ll see that I ve liked a lot of the harshly criticized YA paranormals This one just didn t do it for me.To those interested in reading Clarity, I suggest you try this from your library Who knows, you might like it than I did. My favorite part of this story is that there s a character named Perry and a sequence in which he is missing and at least four people actually say, Where s Perry Life was so awesome in these moments.