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I m a big Calvin and Hobbes and this collection is one of my favourites Brilliant and a must read My Rating 5 stars @Free E-pub ⛓ Attack of the Deranged Mutant Killer Monster Snow Goons: A Calvin and Hobbes Collection ⛅ Calvin And Hobbes Are Back The Energetic Six Year Old And His Sidekick Tiger Endure All The Trials Of Youth And Continue To Endear Themselves To Millions Of Loyal Readers In The Latest Collection Of Their Shenanigans This Latest Assembly Of Calvin And Hobbes Adventures Has Never Been Collected In Book Form Last few days I ve spent on getting to know Calvin and Hobbes, reading all I could put my hands or lay my eyes on This is definitely my favourite issue, specifically the snow goons part and the Duplicator fun I ve read this over a Thursday morning coffee and I just felt sorry afterwards that I rushed to read it all asap My personal highlight was the Hobbes, do you think our morality is defined by our actions, or by what s in our hearts I think our actions SHOW what s in our hearts Calvin stops, thinks I RESENT THAT D D Calvin is an academic underachiever, rebel, performance artist, disgruntled philosopher, and all around bringer of chaos although his playmate rival Susie refers to him as the incurable weirdness poster child Whether discovering a new dinosaur species the Calvinosaurus or evading the dreaded monster under the bed, Calvin is hilarious Attack of the Deranged Mutant Killer Monster Snow Goons refers to one of these story lines in which Calvin creates a mutant snow man which in turn creates an army of similar creatures Other story lines involve Calvin getting chicken pox his creation of his own TV show and his club known as GROSS a warped acronym for Get Rid Of Slimy girlS Last but not least, Calvin builds a human duplicating machine out of a cardboard box, and he makes a special copy of himself that represents everything good in him His plan is to make his flawless duplicate do all of his homework and chores, while he himself gets all the credit Everything goes fine for a while, until his duplicate develops a crush on Suzie, making him look bad Hilarity ensues The Calvin and Hobbes stories are great because they are funny celebrations of the power of a child s imagination Calvin assumes such alternate identities as sci fi hero Spaceman Spiff, caped superhero Stupendous Man, and private eye Tracer Bullet Often the humor comes from the clash of Calvin s fantasies with the reality around him The stuffed Hobbes, through the power of Calvin s imagination, becomes both a comrade and a great foil for the boy their wacky relationship is one of the most memorable in the comic strip genre.I guarantee that anyone that loves comics will fall in love with this one and should definitely buy this book to start their collection of classic comics Best comic ever in my opinion Book Details Title Attack of the Deranged Mutant Killer Monster Snow GoonsAuthor Bill Watterson Reviewed By Purplycookie I don t know if a family, much less a childhood, without Calvin and Hobbes would be complete Frankly, once it stopped being published, my newspaper readership dropped off significantly Everyone needs to smile, needs a little imagination in their life, and needs a little bit of Calvin and Hobbes And if anyone is up for a game of Calvinball, just give me a call. If there s ever a moment when you want to laugh and smile, just ask the help of Calvin and his best friend Hobbes You can never go wrong. This book is my favorite in the series The title is very promising, and you get a lot of Calvin s snowmen indeed Hobbes is amazing he is skeptical, sarcastic, and infinitely wise Further, he takes advantage of his feral self against Calvin a lot Calvin s duplicator is a fantastic invention Completing it with an Ethicator makes it effective, creating the good side of Calvin It is a truly laugh out loud moment when Calvin and Hobbes get rid of the good Calvin, who becomes really annoying after a while. It s best to let Watterson speak for himself Some choice selections from this book I am an old woman, so I have read literally thousands of comics Calvin and Hobbes are the best comics I have ever read If I wasn t planning on cremation, I would ask to be buried with a Calvin and Hobbes book Second choice would be Doonesbury.