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Darn it Can it get even better Calvin and Hobbes were a bedrock of my childhood I m estimating I ve read each five times but in reality I d just grab one at random, open at random, and then be lost in the world of Calvinball and Spaceman Spiff, Suzy Derkins and Moe, fantastic snowmen and philosophical walks in the woods with Hobbes.As a kid who lived in his imagination to escape the many difficulties of an unstable childhood and crippling depths of introversion, Calvin embodied that side of me though I was actually mild mannered.Hobbes outsider s views on the flaws of human society and our materialistic culture sank deep and gave some justification to my perpetual feelings of being an outsider If the status quo is flawed, being one step removed gave perspective and freed me from the need to conform Maybe this is over analysis and attribution, but in retrospect I do see some roots of my ability to accept the belief that I was different in Hobbes musings. [E-pub] ♅ Scientific Progress Goes "Boink" ☰ In This Collection, Calvin And His Tiger Striped Sidekick Hobbes Are Hilarious Whether The Two Are Simply Lounging Around Philosophizing About The Future Of Mankind Or Plotting Their Latest Money Making Scheme Chock Full Of The Familiar Adventures Of Spaceman Spiff, Findings Of Dad S Popularity Poll, And Time Travel To The Jurassic Age, Scientific Progress Goes Boinkis Guaranteed To Set Scientific Inquiry Back An Eon And Advance The Reading Pleasure Of AllCalvin And Hobbes Fans Classic Calvin Hobbes, managing to be both funny and touching, often in the same strip It s always difficult to pick out the best bits of one of these collections and so I ll just say that the Christmas poem is perhaps one of the most beautiful seasonal things I ve ever read Wonderful, amusing and heart warming, I love Calvin Hobbes 2019 update Originally published in 1991 there s no dating for the strips themselves but Hobbes mentions at one point going into a new decade, so I assume 1989 into 1990 , this is another excellent collection of Calvin Hobbes with a mixture of panels and the Sunday full pages There s a great deal to like and my highlights included dealing with bullies when Moe steals Calvin s truck, misadventures with Rosalyn, Calvin wishing he had friends, Dad s wisdom and wind ups colour pictures, Christmas trees and the theory of relativity and telling the lovely bedtime story, gravity reversal, spider pie, the duplicator made from the old transmogrifier , in the snow, bullied into baseball and, of course, the joys of Calvinball, as well as the wonderfully touching Christmas Eve poem and stopping Dad working to have a family aftermoon in the snow Funny, occasionally melancholic, often unexpectedly moving and, above all else, beautifully observed, this is an excellent read that I highly recommend. Calvin and Hobbes is always good for a laugh when you re down But the thing that I love most about Bill Watterson s work is that he has the ability to make you laugh and in the middle of great big belly laughs he can make you go hmmm Hilarious and thoughtful. A great book of the series again The title story is the best of all The Christmas poem is really charming, I love moments like this. some days you just need to read a good old fashioned comic strip Lots of snowmen and Susie A It just doesn t get much better than Calvin and Hobbes tbqh. Calvin is a hypocritical, imaginative, dim whitted, self centered, insensitive, brutish and rambunctious six year old Hobbes is a sarcastic, peace loving, supportive, somewhat phsychotic stuffed tiger Together, the two make a whacky, noisy, messy, hilarious, unforgettable pair.That s alot of meaningless adjectives, among many, to describe two of my favorite characters in the comic strip department This book especially had me gripped because it contained one of my favorite card board box stories, which earned it the name Scientific Progress Goes Boink Calvin remodels his old transmogrifier really all he does is turn it on its side into a duplicator He plans to use it to make a clone of himself that will be responsible for doing all the dirty work for him But the plan backfires, and the duplicate proves to be just as much of a lazy jerk as he is It creates duplicates, and each of these gets Calvin in trouble in turn The funny thing is, by the end, after the crisis is solved, Calvin states Okay, so we didn t learn a lesson Sue me to which Hobbes replies, Live and don t learn , that s us , and though it is no less than what is to be expected of Calvin, it still drives me up the wall.The other multiple, equally comical strips contained in this volume perfectly illustrate Calvin s ranting hyprocrisy, selfishness, and imagination And yet there are also a few strips that portray a rare characteristic of his that ever little kid portrays child innosence Of course, that really isn t what we want from him, or atleast not me He s funnier as a dickhead, and as long as he s funny, who cares how he treats people