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this book has absolutely nothing in common with the hunger games sure, there are kids who fight, but the circumstances are entirely different most of the kids in h.g have not been trained to fight, they are being forced to fight for the entertainment of the capitol the main character of h.g is not a girl who has been honed to kill monsters that attack her community, nor one who has been raised in such a sheltered and specific educational track focused entirely on fighting that emotions are uncomfortable and unfamiliar katniss had attachments she loved her sister and her mother, even though she saw her mother as a disappointment she still had a family bond deuce has no ties to her family in the enclave, people rarely know who sired them, so it is an irrelevant distinction.but enough comparisons.i just got way ahead of myself i was just peeved that this book is advertised as a new hunger games, when they are such dissimilar books it may very well be the case that fans of hg will also be fans of this, but they might also be fans of artichokes it is not a given.so quick rundown in this book, a twenty five year old person is considered elderly, which should give you some idea of the state of things danger, disease, threats, light deprivation living in abandoned subway tunnels, after a game over caliber epidemic, deuce s particular community has never been topside, and spend their days surviving in one of three broad societal groupings just so you know, i hate it when books are reductive like this that there are only x number of categories for people to fall into and everything else just gets willfully ignored by the author but i can overlook it, because it is a trend that is not going away, but it really should even in the most rigid dystopia, there should be grey areas builders, breeders, and hunters surely there is to a society but not here builders build, breeders breed, and hunters kick the asses of the feral humanoid monsters with the teeth and the claws and provide meat from other sources for their people and of course, there is a boy, raised outside the enclave, but adopted into it despite having ideeeeas from before he is barely tolerated by the enclave enter deuce, and her irresistible attraction to the bad boy and it looks like you got yourself a YA dystopian novel it s bleak, and there are some squidgy bits here deuce is a character raised within a very narrow framework of possibilities she is a warrior, with a warrior s values fight or die, and never quit if you are defeated, but not dead, you have done something wrong and that can be uncomfortable for a reader, when the book kind of breezes over things like rape, which in a normal world, would maybe be treated sensitively pedophilia is punished its perpetrators cut, exiled, and left in the tunnels where their blood will attract the cannibalistic tribes that also live there, but rape is mostly a means to an end situation and that s totally gross, but in this world, with people dying so young, the population does need to increase to survive is this concept too horribly practical for YA too callous i don t know me, i just glossed over it to get to the fighting, but i did have some reservations later view spoiler when one of the potential rapists who was a rape enabler of others was seen as a possible love match for her on the one hand, i can see how her character would be drawn to him their sensibilities are very similar she is just learning about emotions like some female terminator, and her sympathetic love match is full of emotions that she wants to understand but isn t quite there yet and here is this young thug who has survived as a gang leader for years, and survived as an autodidactic fighter who never needed to cultivate his emotional side he only needed to keep his people alive by any means necessary hide spoiler [[ Ebook ]] ⇧ Enclave ☠ New York City Has Been Decimated By War And Plague, And Most Of Civilization Has Migrated To Underground Enclaves, Where Life Expectancy Is No Than The Early S When Deuce Turns , She Takes On Her Role As A Huntress, And Is Paired With Fade, A Teenage Hunter Who Lived Topside As A Young Boy When She And Fade Discover That The Neighboring Enclave Has Been Decimated By The Tunnel Monsters Or Freaks Who Seem To Be Growing Organized, The Elders Refuse To Listen To Warnings And When Deuce And Fade Are Exiled From The Enclave, The Girl Born In Darkness Must Survive In Daylight Guided By Fade S Long Ago Memories In The Ruins Of A City Whose Population Has Dwindled To A Few Dangerous GangsAnn Aguirre S Thrilling Young Adult Novel Is The Story Of Two Young People In An Apocalyptic World Facing Dangers, And Feelings, Unlike Any They Ve Ever Known So, The Hunger Games had a baby with Fallout Then, they broke up and The Walking Dead became the new step parent Giving rise to the strange child we call Enclave Isn t she a cwute wittle one I had this big stupid flow chart all planned out for this review, but it seems there are like a hundred reasons why it won t work Well, like two Images aren t working correctly on Goodreads at the moment AND I can t find a free site to host such a large image on AND it looks like crap small Damn That s four reasons I so can t count tonight.Girl15 lives underground in the Enclave after an as of yet unknown apocalypse of some sort Having just finished training to become a Huntress, she is given a name, Deuce don t even start , and a parnter, so she can begin exploring the underground Also falling to her are the jobs of hunting and trapping food and fighting off Freaks , creatures who were formerly regular people now equipped with claws, razor sharp teeth, and cannibalistic tendencies.Deuce has the strength of Katniss, the intuition of Buffy, AND she eats zombies for dinner Well, not really But wouldn t that be an intriguing twist I have very high requirements for kick ass female characters When you grow up with characters like Buffy and Princess Leia, it can set the bar pretty high to begin with and can result in a difficulty being satisfied with Bella ish whiny girls Then when awesome iconic characters like River Tam and Katniss Everdeen come along, that raises the bar even higher.Now Duece is a pretty freaking badass character on her own The problem is that Ann Aguirre set the bar just out of reach with her first kickass chick, Sirantha Jax of Grimspace, and Duece just isn t quite tall enough to walk in her predecessor s tiny flats and still measure up She would need 6 inch platforms to reach the level set by Jax.Well, she got the shoes You know what kind they are Zombie killing shoes I guess, technically Freak killing shoes, but they help her measure up to Jax With them, she kicks a hella ton of ass.She sure reminds me of Katniss a lot She is dry and detached, but she is a MACHINE Killing machine, that is I would have liked to see a bit of the spunk and snark that Jax is so blessed with, but they are two very different young women.The society in the Enclave was infinitely interesting, and I would have enjoyed spending time there and learning about it I have sooooo damn many unanswered questions For example They aren t supposed to have sex unless they are Breeders Does that mean an underpants pillowfight is out of the question Come on, we need to know important stuff like this.I would have liked inner enclave espionage Maybe to see Deuce and her partner, Fade, sneaking around a bit, being tensiony and sexual ish and inciting rebellion Then concentrate on Topside in the sequel This book is called Enclave after all.And yes, Deuce is a strange name for a girl, or for any person for that matter, especially since I have the tact and giggle reflex of a nine year old boy However, the name is only giggleworthy for the first few pages and a good unique name is a necessity My dog still hasn t forgiven me for naming her after a science fiction technological masterpiece Which one I ll never tell They are all good names, anyway The Death Star Flux Capacitor Number Six.Overall, I loved this The last half is slow and arguably not as good as the first, but regardless, I m still excited for the sequel 3 29 12 Stop by The Nocturnal Library to read our interview with Ann Aguirre and enter for a chance to win one of 3 books Enclave, Grimspace or Blue Diablo. I am happy I am shocked I still can t believe this Ann Aguirre just got promoted to my favorite author Ok, maybe not favorite, but close enough I mean, come on She writes this fantastic SF series, starting with Grimspace, a very good if not great and very unusual UF series with elements of horror the Corine Solomon series , and now she does YA dystopian as well I was born during the second holocaust.That s all it took for me to fall in love with this book, and it s only the first sentence I have to admit I rolled my eyes when I first read the blurb I was rightfully afraid of another Delirium or something equally forced I m so glad Aguirre proved me wrong Her story is strong if not fresh because, let s face it, fresh is a long way gone in this genre Her characters are very much alive and unusually smart But the real magic lies in Aguirre s perfect writing She doesn t make mistakes She s even added an author s note explaining how she did her research and what led her to those conclusions Everything she described is quite possible view spoiler Except maybe Freaks, but come on They re zombies Who doesn t love zombies hide spoiler HOLY WOW WHY HAVE I NOT READ THIS SERIES SOONER SO MUCH FUN AMAZING PROTAGONIST AMAZING, CREEPY WORLD LOVE, LOVE, LOVVVVVE STALKER even though I know he won t win This is SO my type of book, why did I take so long to read it Enclave s premise drew my attention than a lot of the other, hyped YA dystopias And I believe that most of it lived up to my expectations Enclave starts with Deuce or rather, at the time, Girl15 en route to her naming ceremony In the enclave, your name is merely your gender and an exclusive number But if you re lucky enough to make it to the age of fifteen, you get a real name Six cuts, three on each forearm these are the marks that make you a Hunter or Huntress It has been Deuce s ambition to become a Huntress for as long as she can remember, but soon after she is inducted into the ranks of the Hunters, she begins to realize that maybe the ways of the enclave and the elders that have raised and trained her aren t what they seem that maybe their teachings and rules are as misleading and corrupt as they are false.And if that isn t disconcerting enough, the Freaks the terrible monsters that lurk in the tunnels outside of the enclave, the very ones she has been trained to kill have begun to show signs of intelligence.Almost immediately after Deuce becomes a Huntress, she is paired up with Fade Fade is aloof and mysterious, and because of that he is ostracized from the rest of the Hunters, and when Deuce becomes his partner she soon realizes that she will forever be treated in kind simply because of association.Deuce s character is much practical and level headed than most heroines in YA lit She reminds me of Katsa from Graceling.It s amazing how much Aguirre doesn t focus on the romance I don t know if it s because of the genre, or simply because the author isn t trying to cash in on the current romance fad, but Deuce doesn t spend the majority of the novel fantasizing about Fade s physique and having fifteen year old hot flashes over his mere proximity I found this fact very refreshing.And there s no love triangle I was very pleased that there s no love triangle view spoiler Or at least until the author decided to add one Why There are so many love triangles in the YA genre I think the interlude with Stalker wasn t called for However, I did like Deuce s reaction to Stalker s impromptu affections She didn t seem very interested in him but I do wish that the author would ve left that out hide spoiler 2.5 stars out of 5.The GOOD Character development except later in the book When Deuce was underground at the beginning of the book , the author really took her time to develop her characters Deuce is a soldier underground In the beginning, Deuce does what she is told, thinks what she is told and doesn t question authority However, it is clear to the reader that there is to Deuce than her brutal surroundings and life Fade, her partner, is mysterious not only to Deuce but to everyone underground The author portrayed him as dark and dangerous but only from Deuce s initial viewpoint I loved how Fade s true nature was so different and how Deuce learns this along the way Fade really was a great character and well constructed.The story underground.Seriously, when the author takes her time, she writes a good story I loved the plot when the characters were underground The world building was great It was simple but hey, this is a YA book.The BAD The end and no climax The book is 259 pages, that is it Here is my theory the author had something else in mind a longer, better crafted COMPLETE story Someone, somewhere, decided that this was going to be a series and said to the author end this book right here since they do arrive at a location so that looks like a good ending On the other hand, maybe, the author was under a time crunch I don t know In fact, I m hoping my theory is correct because I cannot plausibly explain why there would be no real climax to the story They are moving, surviving, struggling, surviving, fighting, surviving, and that is it They go from one location to another location and so on I m guessing the climax is in book 2.Character development later in the book The addition of Stalker So at this point, I think it might be good that the author just arbitrarily cut off the end of her book Because if she was going to lead towards the infamous YA love triangle with this character known as Stalker, I would have thrown this book in a cave and sealed the book in the cave for good Once Stalker is in the story, the relationship between Deuce and Fade all but fades couldn t help myself Stalker was the leader of his own gang before he joined up with Fade and Deuce Stalker forcefully made Tegan another character in the book be a breeder in his gang because well, of course, that is all she is good for She was raped Gang raped Over and over again In fact, even though the details are sketchy, I believe Tegan gave birth three times Don t hold me to that fact but I think it was three times This is the guy that Deuce, the soldier, and Fade, the survivor wants in their group This is the guy that Deuce would risk her relationship with Fade for Here is the really bad part I don t think the reader is supposed to hate Stalker I think the author s intentions were to make Stalker a redeemed character and in the next book book 2 aka the 2nd half of book 1 there will be a horrible love triangle in it.OVERALL I ve gone back and forth on the ratings for this book I ve gone as high as 5 for the 1st half of the book and as low as 2 for the 2nd half Because of my dislike for the 2nd half, I m forced to go with 2.5 stars rounded up to 3. Okay, I m adding this note because I m seeing some activity on this review as I m updating my reading progress in the third book I need to reread this one at some point, because reading the sequel Outpost completely changed my perspective on certain issues My mini reaction to that book is here for now, my initial reaction to the first book remains below It s fascinating to see this society that the author created.2.5 stars I really wanted to like this book, but holy moly I try very hard not to let my opinion be colored when fictional characters make choices I wouldn t necessarily make, butI just can t do that in this case The offhand way gang rape is handled, the dismissive attitude towards an abuse victim, and the sudden introduction of an inconceivable love interest turning it into a triangle late in the book left me cold The action scenes and interesting premise aren t nearly enough to make up for a heroine who is physically extremely capable, but unfortunately, someone who also seems to be emotionally empty. After receiving a copy of this book from GoodReads friend Lucy, I was immediately drawn to the Publisher s Weekly quote declaring the book to be for fans of The Hunger Games Such comparison quotes, while attention grabbing and common practice amongst publishers, immediately set up a certain level of expectations, even in the most cynical of readers While I haven t actually finished reading The Hunger Games yet I ll get round to it eventually, I swear , I began this book with the same expectations I have for every dystopian novel strong world building and a real threat sense of danger There are books that make me consider discarding use of the flawed star rating system for reviews Sometimes it s close to impossible to summarise the qualities of a book into a simple rating out of 5, 10 or however one chooses to do so A book can be a relatively enjoyable and competently written piece of work that would otherwise deserve a solid rating, but a certain element, event, etc, can bring its rating tumbling down This happened to me with Sarah Beth Durst s Ice and it happened with Enclave But before I get to why I cannot give this book anything higher than one star, I shall discuss other elements of the book that succeed and fail.I m sure you re all sick of me going on and on about this but the foundations of a strong dystopian novel lie in its world building Unusual or disturbing events can t just happen for shock value They need to be rooted in the origins of the society, grounded in reason, meaning the reason of this world This fundamental lack of reason within the world building in Enclave left than a few questions unanswered The underground society Deuce lives in does not name its young, known as brats, until a specific age, which is never mentioned Why There doesn t seem to be any specific reasoning behind this rule and seems too impractical to fit in with a world that works to prove itself as fundamentally practical There are hints of a cult like mentality to the ruling class of the world but it s barely touched upon and leaves us with half built reasoning Children are sanctioned into one of three groups warriors, builders or breeders yet the reasons for specific grouping once again seem at odds with the necessary practicality needs of this society One breeder, Deuce s friend, is seen as ideal for his calling because he is handsome, but I failed to see why this would be a relevant quality in a world where death disease are rampant Other extremely questions go unanswered how does this enclave have clean water after generations underground How does Deuce go from a lifetime underground to full on exposure to sunlight and only get slightly burned with no damage to her eyesight The writing itself is adequate, if simple, and has well paced action scenes, although the overall pacing is erratic Certain scenes are evident padding and clumsy plotting, which coupled with several under developed plot points proves to be somewhat frustrating No character other than the heroine is given adequate time to develop beyond basic tropes, although I did warm to Deuce somewhat throughout the first half of the novel However, it is one particular character and how others react to him that soured things for me.A little than midway through the novel, Deuce is kidnapped by a gang who make their intentions towards her clear they intend to use her for breeding purposes, forcefully if need be Later we are introduced to Tegan, a fellow kidnapped woman who has been raped repeatedly and given birth to stillborn children After altercations with the story s main monsters, the Freaks, the head of the gang, Stalker yes, really , decides he will go along with Deuce, Tegan and main love interest Fade in order to have a better chance of surviving Fade and Deuce agree to this, despite Tegan s protests that she does not feel safe around the leader of the gang of rapists who repeatedly violated her for years Later on, Stalker pushes Deuce against a tree and kisses her.Deuce willingly reciprocates.I ve made my thoughts clear on the bad boy trope in YA I don t like it I understand the fantasy behind being the one girl who changes the rebel but ultimately I think it s a problematic trope that is all too often used as an excuse to have the love interest treat the heroine like dirt, often being rough with her and belittling her Patch from Hush Hush held his love interest against a bed and talked about how much he wanted to kill her after stalking her, harassing her and generally making her feel uncomfortable and unsafe Stalker is the leader of a gang of rapists It is hinted at in the book that he has raped women before It is also implied that he may have raped Deuce during her kidnapped period He is presented as a potential love interest to Deuce.The aim of a good dystopian novel is to create a sense of dread I have seen rape mentioned in other dystopian novels and within the constraints of this world where humans die young and need to reproduce quickly, it makes sense that a patriarchy dominated society would view women in such a manner However, I have never seen rape used so casually and tossed aside so simply by a character and an author in a YA novel There is a cruel lack of empathy for Tegan in Enclave Even within the constraints of the novel s world, one ruled by social Darwinism, to force Tegan to interact daily with the man who stood by let her be raped repeatedly, possibly ordering the rapes himself or even engaging in the horrific act himself, is baffling at best and disgusting at worst As the novel progresses, Tegan grows lazily from a characterisation point of view from a victim into a strong young woman who can fight back, but all I could think about was how her rape was used in such a cavalier fashion Deuce, who started off with such potential even if she did fall into the typical romantic plot tropes with mysterious bad boy Fade , does not question Stalker or his past actions Instead, she lays some of the blame on Tegan The dismissive attitude she has towards a victim of multiple rapes is abhorrent At one point she asks herself how Tegan could have been so weak as to allow the events to happen Deuce s general attitude is that life is tough, and if she can suck it up and get on with her life, so can Tegan Even within the context of the novel, this felt wrong on every level Deuce, who had previously shown moments of true empathy, becomes someone who sympathises with a rapist than the victim of rape I shouldn t even have to explain why this made me sick And that s why I can t give this book anything than one star.I don t expect every book in the world to be a beacon of social justice and feminism that would be stupid What I do expect is for a book to follow the rules it sets for itself Enclave fails on this thanks to its inconsistent and confusing choices in its world building, which seem to exist for shock value than any real sense of reason It s a mediocre novel that becomes disgusting when something as serious, life changing and horrific as rape is used so clumsily Rape is NEVER the woman s fault She s never asking for it and she s certainly never deserving of pity or scorn because she was unable to fight back Bad boys are problematic enough, but making a rapist not only a sympathetic character, one who receives a degree of sympathy from the heroine not rewarded to the victim, but a potential love interest is flat out inexcusable 1 5. HATE New York City has been decimated by war and plague, and most of civilization has taken to living in underground enclaves, where the life expectancy is no than the early 20 s The main character is name Deuce, yes Deuce She gets this name in a naming ceremony where the towns people gather around, place a bunch of rando items in front of you, cut your arms a bunch of time, and then whatever you bleed on first is your new name This is really where the problem started for me I wont lie the whole book I kept calling her Douche Douche also has some interesting friends, Stone and Thimble Stone has sex for a living and Thimble builds things You d think as her bff4ls that they would play an important part of this story turns out they really don t The story could have worked even without them.AnywayAfter her naming ceremony Deuce becomes a huntress Basically she runs around the underground enclaves killing freaks and hunting down other communities She is partnered up with the not so mysterious boy Fade Fade just is conveniently the only person the community has ever let live with them that wasn t born into their group Color me shocked when we discovered that he s from topside A place where people who break the rules are banished too Yeah I bet you can already guess where this story s going plays jeopardy music Yes What is Fade and Douche are banished is the correct answer.After being banished for the most predictable reason ever Fade and Deuce head topside Fade pretty much remembers his way around town which I also find very odd I can t even remember where I park my car half the time but this kid hasn t been topside in like a decade and he just know where everything is While topside they run into rape gangs, find a library where they do some light reading, pick up some chick, fight some gangs, find another chick that ALSO conveniently is still around from Fade s topside days, they go north to get help, run into some trouble, so on and so bored To me this story was lacking so major bones Oh and a not so spoiler, spoiler the sudden introduction of an inconceivable love interest happens way too late into this book so now the story is suffering from a terrible case of the love triangle The action scenes are lacking along with the heroine who is physically capable of kicking butt but who lacks all emotional depth Le Sigh this book just let me so down and had me wondering if I had even read the same book everyone else did Read this review and others on our blog