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Although this was a sweet story, what happened to the editing Throughout the book, a curtsey was repeatedly called a courtesy It was never corrected This could have been a much better story with a better editor. Felicity was always my favorite as a youngster Love these so much. #Read Epub Å Felicity's Surprise: A Christmas Story (American Girls: Felicity, #3) Ø Felicity Is Invited To A Dancing Lesson At The Governor S Palace, The Most Wonderful Honor She Can Imagine Mother Promises To Make A Beautiful New Gown For Her As The Splendid Event Draws Near, Mother Becomes Dreadfully Ill Felicity Spends All Her Days Caring For Her, Sadly Accepting That There Will Be No New Gown And No Chance To Go To The Palace No Chance, That Is, Until A Glorious Surprise Reminds Her That Christmastide Is A Time When Hopes And Dreams Do Come True Wow, I haven t read this book since I was a kid and it still brings the American Girl and Christmas magic Loved it One thing this book really helps to illustrate is that there was no mass production and ready made items back then If you didn t like a dress you had, oh well, suck it up make it yourself or hire someone to make it for you All sewing was done by hand, it would be almost another century before the first sewing machine came out.It s really mind boggling to compare what it was like to procure clothing back then compared to the relative ease of today s clothing boutiques and online shopping These American Girl books were great because of these lessons. Felicity continues to wrestle with her tomboyish inclinations and slightly with the politics that are beginning to tear her community apart This one works well for me because Felicity s key problems are social anxiety THAT I can understand and her mother s illness On both fronts she acquits herself well And at the beginning where Ben suggests that her excitement for the dancing lesson is making her selfish, both parents are on her side, which to the young, authority conscious reader seems to absolve her.I have to mention at this point, though, that we re three books in, and they ve used the word slave maaaaaybe two or three times, and have definitely not attempted to explain the concept It s not a nice thing to have to introduce to young readers, but dancing around it is definitely not the right approach either Felicity s family may be starting to worry about money in the face of reduced custom at Merriman s store, but her parents didn t bat an eye at buying her a new silk dress and a fancy doll, so we re still looking at a very privileged young lady. So far this is my favorite Felicity book Felicity is faced with something that causes her to realign her priorities and think about what is truly important If that sounds cheesy, well it is, but if you don t want cheesy don t read these books This amount of cheese was fine with me because it felt warranted, and of course remembering that it is a book for younger readers, they probably won t be quite as jaded as me. This had a cute Cinderella spin on it I really enjoyed this one I think it did a good job of portraying the friendship between Felicity and Elizabeth it sets a good example for kids reading this what true friendship should look like I really liked the Christmas feel, too It was a good read for the season. 3.5 This is a sweet book Felicity really matures when view spoiler her mother gets sick hide spoiler The book I am going to tell you about is Felicity s Surprise by Valerie Tripp This historical fiction book is one of my most favorite series from the American Doll Books As most girls know about the American Dolls because of their dolls However, before you read my essay I am going to tell you that I am not telling you about the American Girl Dolls because this is goodreads I am going to tell you about the book of a American Girl who s name was Felicity She was born before the American Revolution started The tension was growing around the colonies of America, and England The problems all started when she was invited to a ball lesson by the governer of Virginia her state After she got the message Ben a apperientice of her farther became mad with her because she was going to a ball filled with loyalists, and might be drinking punch with the governer who is so close to the King Then after her father says she can go her mother gets terribly sick while making Felicity s dress Now, Felicity can t go to the ball Will Felicity be able to become friends with Ben again, and still save her mother from the cold I thought this book was really filled with tension The reason I thought this is because people in America were starting to have debates if they should seperate from King George or not When Felicity was invited to the dancing lesson from the governer Ben thought that she was going against her family, and friends who were patriots After her father said she could go to the lesson Ben marched off really mad at Felicity He even screamed that she wouldn t even care if Penny her favorite horse who ran away from its owner came back which hurt Felicity s feeling After that time Ben, and Felicity didn t talk to each other which worried Elizabeth her best friend, and her family Another time their was tension was when Felicity s mother got terribly sick There were no cure back then to cure this Felicity s life turned lonely, and grey without her mother being always happy, and bright Everybody in the family now got so gloomy that they were now almost losing hope Even Ben their fathers apperientice who was almost always happy was being really quiet, and was avoiding to look at people who were still cheerfull These times were times when families were unhappy, and sad.I noticed that when Felicity was in a unhappy mood she sometimes ignored people This surprised me because Felicity is normally a happy person However, in this book Felicity s Surprise she somehow gets unhappy I think the motivations for this behavioris because she rarely ever gets insulted by people because everybody likes her except from Anabelle Or maybe Banannabelle as Felicity likes to call her I think Felicity doesn t realize she is insulting people so she doesn t feel bad However, when she gets insulted she fells really unhappy For example, when Ben said that she doesn t care about anything she got the feeling that she was insulted So, she didn t talk to him or his friends untill he apologized I sometimes fell bad when I am insulted However, after a few days they seem to realize that they insulted me So, they apologize to me which makes me feel a lot better.After I read this book I realized thatpeoplecan make mistake without realizing it, and the person they insulted would havethings to worry about So, if you think you are insulting people try to apologize to them After you did I bbet that you feel a lot better than before.