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This was such a beautiful story, Addy’s parents were getting married in the church and she wanted to give them the most perfect gift ever. So she made the quilt that her momma had never been able to make and was determined to make it personal just for them. Though when Harriet causes trouble saying her parents weren’t married as they only ‘Jumped the broom’ it makes Addy doubt everything and she loses her confidence for a while, until she realises that what her family has is really special.

This was honestly so adorable and I loved how sweet Addy was spending so much time and dedication to making this quilt for her parents to ensure hey had the best day they could. Nice! In an easy to understand voice, Porter peels back one more layer for young children trying to understand the consequences of slavery. Here, Addy's parents decide to marry "in freedom" in a church, instead of the informal jumping the broom ceremony they had on the plantation as slaves. The characters openly question the institution of marriage and what it means, and how former slaves might deal with yet another disruption to their lives during Reconstruction. This is a sweet story to add to the collection of the Addy American Girl books. Addy is excited to celebrate her parents' church wedding. Her parents were only allowed to "jump the broom" when they were slaves. The mini book gives young readers a peek into the lives of newly freed slaves.

Grownup readers might notice that many of these short stories were taken from the American Girl magazines circa the 1990s and repackaged into a keepsake mini hardcover books. Like the original six Addy books (and most of the other American Girl) books, Addy's Wedding Quilt includes a visual list of the characters inside at the beginning and "Looking Back: A Peek Into the Past" which explains the history behind the story. Each of the American Girls Short Stories also contains instructions for a simple historical activity. Great book to introduce elementary schoolage readers to history and a worthy addition for anyone who couldn't get enough of Addy Walker and her adventures! What I didn't like about this book was that African American people couldn't just get married they had to fight for that right and I don't think that is right. I don't understand why people think they are better than others.

What I like was how addy was so thoughtful of her mother and father that she went to make a quilt as a gift for their wedding day.

This book was easy to read but very interesting. This is a short story about one of the American girls named Addy. Her parents married slavery and now they would like to marry again like people who are free do. Addy is making them a wedding quilt secretly. She is going to give it to them as a wedding present. Addy's parents were married in a slave ceremony, but now they want to be married in freedom and Addy is working on a special quilt to give them as a gift for their special day. Harriet, a girl in Addy's class makes fun of the slave wedding her parents had and makes Addy feel bad about their past. Can Addy find a way to cherish the past and the future without shame? I thoroughly enjoyed this "JF" book about a little girls wedding gift to her parents. It was a heartwarming SHORT story. I really enjoyed this. I enjoyed it so much that I will let Jasmine read it sometime this Summer. :) *Free ↚ Addy's Wedding Quilt (The American Girls Collection) ⇶ Addy S Wedding Quilt By Connie Rose Porter Addy S Parents Were Married In A Slave Ceremony, But Now They Want To Be Married In Freedom And Addy Is Working On A Special Quilt To Give Them As A Gift For Their Special Day Harriet, A Girl In Addy S Class Makes Fun Of The Slave Wedding Her Parents Had And Makes Addy Feel Bad About Their PastAddy S Wedding Quilt Porter, Connie RoseNotRetrouvez Addy S Wedding Quilt Et Des Millions De Livres En Stock SurAchetez Neuf Ou D Occasion Addy S Wedding Quilt American Girl Wiki Fandom The Next Day, Addy Takes The Quilt To School Miss Dunn Is Going To Write Her Parent S Names And The New Wedding Day, Then Addy Will Embroider Over The Writing With Miss Dunn S Help She Looks Forward To Their Time Together But Feels Bad Telling Momma A Half Truth Addy S Wedding Quilt American Girl Collection Addy S Wedding Quilt American Girl Collection Hardcover March ,by Connie Porter Author , Dahl Taylor Illustrator , Susan McAliley Illustratorout Ofstarsratings Bookofin The American Girl Short Stories Series Addy S Wedding Quilt Book,WorldCat Though Her Parents Jumped The Broom To Get Married When They Were Slaves, Now That They Are Living Free In Philadelphia After The Civil War They Plan To Have A Church Wedding And Addy Works To Complete A Special Quilt To Give Them As A Wedding Gift Addy S Wedding Quilt Chattahoochee Valley Libraries Though Her Parents Jumped The Broom To Get Married When They Were Slaves, Now That They Are Living Free In Philadelphia After The Civil War They Plan To Have A Church Wedding And Addy Works To Complete A Special Quilt To Give Them As A Wedding Gift When Addy's mom and dad got married they jumped the broom. Because they were slaves. But now they are free and they want to get married in the church. So Addy wants to make a quilt. When she is done she puts a broom for when they got married first. What a quick read for a young girl learning about why quilts are important to families.