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Strip after strip after strip Some books just win you over I too sleep with the baseball bat beside my bed to kill the monster lurking down it.I wonder I still may not be old enough to not start doing this poll manipulation thing with my dad either.I do not want my wife to have such a kid in the house I want to be that kid rather We might consider a tiger instead.With characters sketched up as well as these, you will be going out of your way not to give this one a 5 star Wonderful and addictive.Did I say 5 stars already Make that 5 stars plus one for the timelessness captured. I reread this book about once a year, along with the rest of the Calvin Hobbes series, because it is simply wonderful Nobody can balance sincere wonder and biting snark quite like Bill WattersonFor those of you who don t know yes, such people exist Calvin is the kid with the wild hair, and Hobbes is his loyal stuffed tiger Whether Hobbes comes alive by magic a la the Velveteen Rabbit, or is but a figment of Calvin s admittedly overactive imagination, is a question that not only never gets answered, but that Watterson isn t even interested in answering Needless to say, the strip flirts with surrealism to say nothing of sci fi, superhero comics, and noir detective stories Calvin s existential angst a brilliant child trapped in the suburbs with no one who understands him is hinted at here, but not as pronounced as it later becomes.In this, the earliest collection, Watterson s drawing style is a bit raw than it became, the characterizations are in mild flux, and the storylines and punchlines are less ambitious But early CH is much closer to later CH than, say, 50s Peanuts is to 70s Peanuts This book is probably where new fans should start, because they get introduced to Calvin s friends and family naturally, as if in the beginning of a novel.CH eventually gained an uncanny emotional depth for its medium, and the seeds of that are planted here Read this book if you haven t already. Once upon a time, I was nuts for Calvin and Hobbes I read it every Sunday morning and bought the first six collected editions Once Bill Watterson retired, so did my interest in reading newspaper comics Earlier this morning, I watched the documentary Dear Mr Watterson, which was great, and decided to check out the dog eared, well loved Calvin and Hobbes collections sitting on a shelf in my basement As I write this, it s been easily 25 years since I cracked this puppy open.The story starts as it must Calvin catches his tiger, Hobbes, in a trap using a tuna sandwich The first thing I notice is that Calvin looks slightly different than his iconic look His head is shaped a little differently and his hair is a little off Other than that, all the winning ingredients are there, right from the get go.Another thing I notice right off the bat is the attention to detail in the backgrounds, particularly in the larger Sunday strips Watterson put tons of effort into some of the scenes, effort he probably didn t need to, but it seems like he wasn t willing to phone it in like so many other cartoonists when it came to the little touches.Most of the characters that appear throughout the life of the series are introduced in this volume Calvin s parents, of course, the principal, Mrs Wormwood, Rosalyn the babysitter, Moe, Susie Derkins, they re all here and fully realized No Stupendous Man yet in this volume but Spaceman Spiff is all over the place Also, Calvin plays a character called Safari Al, something I completely forgot about Did Safari Al make any appearances after the first year I also didn t remember Calvin being a Cub Scout.Calvin tackles such menaces as going to school, monsters under his bed, stifling parents, babysitters, the school bully, trying new foods, and the biggest enemy of all for a kid boredom Calvin s powerful imagination reminds me of simpler times, when the daily grind of going to school was the only obstacle to pure freedom.Now that I m decades older, Calvin s parents strike a cord with me You know his mother and father aren t where they want to be in life Mom s stuck being the disciplinarian while Dad s clearly coasting, making shit up as he goes along, partly to amuse himself and partly because he doesn t know what else to do.One of my favorites of the early strips is Calvin s mom making dinner and telling Calvin they re having stewed monkey heads.While still in its formative years in this volume, it s easy to see why Calvin and Hobbes is still revered today The stories are timeless tales of childhood and imagination I think part of the reason people still talk about Calvin and Hobbes is because it went out on top Bill Watterson wasn t content to churn out strips year after year just to keep the gravy train going.While it isn t my favorite Calvin and Hobbes collection by a long chalk, even the greatest newspaper strip of the modern era had to start somewhere It s a great beginning and still a lot of fun over three decades after the strips were originally published 4.5 out of 5 stars. This is what I got in my mail box to cheer me up while I used to study late in the winter Too stressed with your schedule and cold Have a Calvin break ( Free ) ☨ Calvin and Hobbes ⚈ Popular Books, Calvin And Hobbes Author Bill Watterson This Is Very Good And Becomes The Main Topic To Read, The Readers Are Very Takjup And Always Take Inspiration From The Contents Of The Book Calvin And Hobbes, Essay By Bill Watterson Is Now On Our Website And You Can Download It By Register What Are You Waiting For Please Read And Make A Refission For You If you want to appreciate the peace in your life better than you do, want to realize and feel proud on its beauty, serenity and tranquility then you have to read Calvin and Hobbes.Calvin is a 6 years old super intelligent, humorous and lazy kid, a kid whom you never wish you have in your life Because he uses his intelligence in making people s life miserable Not in an evil way, but a way not less than evil Hobbes is his stuffed tiger, calm, modest, sarcastic and funny who plays with Calvin and stays with him as his best friend.Calvin s Mom is a housewife always carrying a headache caused by Calvin s activities.Calvin s dad works at office and would glad to hear you if you can talk about how to get rid of Calvin.Susie is the perfect girl, a girl whom all of you know from real life.Rosalyn occasionally works as Calvin s baby sitter and is the only person Calvin fears.With all these characters present in a comic strip series, you are bound to have a good time reading it Watterson . Calvin is a fabulous kid with fantastic imagination and he has a stunning feature to drive mad everyone around. Who doesn t love Calvin, the over imaginative, mischievous child, with his imaginary tiger friends Hobbes His antics drive his parents to the brink of insanity and he loves pondering about his Captain Spiff fantasies during class He is always either making excuses for not having the healthy read disgusting food he has been served, or advocating children s right to vote in crucial decision like bed time hours, or irritating his friends Susie.Every page is funnier than the last one and the illustrations are fantabulous Love Calvin and Hobbles always D1 book done, 18 books to enjoy I don t know if I lived in a bomb shelter as a kid or was subject to a weird mind altering device, but I don t remember ever reading Calvin and Hobbes Like ever And it s fantastic The humor is totally smart and clever, and their friendship charming It s funny how the parents really are the bad guys from Calvin s perspective, and we re not sure if Hobbes is real or imaginary But I suppose if he s real to Calvin then he is real, isn t he Recommended for re instilling optimism after the world has failed you yet again.