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Cute book for the late elementary middle school crowd Some LOL funny lines A little bit of a moral, but not too preachy. Allie Finkle has never been on a school field trip At her previous school, her class went to the children s museum which included a Barbie exhibit and Allie was beyond excited about Her then BFF Mary Kay suggested Allie give her signed permission slip to Mary Kay because Allie may lose it So of course Allie did On the day of the field trip, Mary Kay accidentally on purpose forgot to hand Allie s in So Allie had to spend the day at school while the rest of her class went on a fun day to the museum.When Allie s teacher Ms Hunter announced the class would go on a field trip, Allie was thrilled This time she would hand in her permission slip And the best part is the class would have to take a school bus there Allie walks to school so she s never been on a school bus before Unfortunately Allie s excitement is short lived when she learns her former school will also be joining in on their field trip Which means she will have to see Mary Kay and other the mean girls from her former school To make matters even worse, Mary Kay is assigned to be her buddy Can anything good come from this day 3.5 Stars #Free Epub ⚶ Blast from the Past (Allie Finkles Rules for Girls, #6) ô Allie Returns With New Rules In The Sixth Book Of The Acclaimed Series Allie S Excited About Her Class Field Trip Sure, It S To A Historic One Room Schoolhouse, Built Back Before There Was The Internet Or Even Cell Phones, And Allie S Teacher Is Encouraging Everyone To Dress Up In Old Timey Costumes, Which Some Of Allie S Friends Are Actually Doing GAH But At Least She Gets To Ride On A Bus, Which She S Never Gets To Do, Living So Close To School That She Actually Has To Walk There Every Day But Then Mrs Hunter Announces That Every Student In Room Has Been Assigned A Buddy For The Day From Allie S Old Th Grade Class At Walnut Knolls Elementary School, With Whom Pine Heights Elementary Is Pairing Up For The Trip And Allie S Buddy Just Happens To Be Her Ex Best Friend Mary Kay, Who Betrayed Allie Right Before She Moved Allie Is Going To Have To Spend A Whole Day Sharing An Old Timey Desk With A Big Crybaby I love Allie Finkle If she were real, I d want her as my best friend In this sixth novel, Allie is trying to prove that she is responsible enough to have a cell phone, even though her parents have told her not until she s 16 The blast from the past develops when Allie finds out that she will see her ex best friend, Mary Kay, on an upcoming field trip that neither one will ever forget The trip is to a local living history museum Allie has been looking forward to the trip ever since she found out about it The day before the trip, her beloved cat gets stuck in the wall of her house while it is undergoing renovation and Allie no longer wants to go on the trip Her mother makes her go anyway How awful then for her to have gotten onto the bus that morning, only to have her problems compounded by being made fun of by the bullies from her previous school As much as Allie can deal with the taunts, she draws the line when the bullies start picking on one of her classmates Allie stands up for herself and others and always does the right thing, whether she wants to or not In an unexpected turn of events, Allie stands by Mary Kay when everyone else turned their backs to her In my opinion, she rules Its kind of sad that all good book series have to end I hate finishing a series, because I just get attached to the world This series was a good one, I have to admit It was sad that it all concluded with a field trip, though. In the sixth book of the Allie Finkle series, Allie is excited about an upcoming field trip with her class even though her class is matched up with the class from her old school Even worse, Allie is partnered up with her ex best friend, who betrayed her on the 3rd grade field trip a year ago Can the two groups work together and overcome their differences When I first read the inside cover of the book, I wondered how a whole book could have been about a field trip, but I shouldn t have underestimated Meg Cabot This book was my favorite Allie Finkle book yet Allie learns to stand up for people who are being bullied and how she has to work together with those she doesn t like As always, the book is full of Meg Cabot s unique voice, making the characters come alive My favorite part was Allie discovering that George Washington kept a rule book just like she does with important life rules. This was the last book in the series I was so sad to finish this book because it was the last one It was a good finale I guess , but it wasnt the best ending It was a very good book though I recommend this book for ages 9 and up. Meg Cabot certainly understands 4th graders and their dramas This was an excellent book. The truth is, nothing else matters when you realize you might have lost the one thing you care about than anything else in the whole world Allie FinkleI m obviously not the intended target market for the Allie Finkle Rules for Girls series and this series does feel too young for me , but if I was still 9 years old, I m sure that I would have adored this series In Blast from the Past, Allie is excited to hear that her class is going on a field trip However, when she hears that her old class is joining her new one, is paired with her ex best friend, Mary Kay Shiner, and has to spend a lot of time with her enemy, Brittany Hauser, her excitement begins to diminish Everything comes full circle in Blast from the Past Meg Cabot knows how to write a book series from a 9 year old girl s PoV Allie Finkle is a likable, brave and strong willed main character who stands up for herself and always tries to do the right thing Allie s fears, doubts, insecurities and drama aren t brushed aside or dealt with in a condescending manner just because she s 9 years old Instead, they are validated and Allie learns so many important life lessons along the way I recommend the Allie Finkle s Rules for Girls series to preteens and tweens Allie Finkle s Rules for Girls is fun, light hearted, has an extremely relatable main character and includes a bunch of life lessons. Reviewed by Jennifer Rummel for TeensReadToo.comAllie Finkle s class is going on a field trip She s never been on a field trip before she either gets sick or something happens to prevent her from going She s so excited to ride a bus for the first time, since she lives close enough to school to walk.Then she finds out they re going to Honeypot Prairie, a one room school house Allie doesn t think it sounds amazing, but she s still excited about the trip until she realizes that their class will be joined by Ms Myers s fourth grade class.Allie can t believe her ears that s the class she would have been in if her parents didn t move It s also the class with all the girls from the horrible birthday party she just attended Now, Allie s dreading her field trip.When her two worlds come together, things spiral out of control Allie desperately wants to make things right, but she also must make some tough choices Can Allie be as responsible as she d like to be, or will she just go with the crowd This is the sixth book in the ALLIE FINKLE S RULES FOR GIRLS series, and I loved watching Allie s worlds collide as she scrambled to fit them together Allie s fresh, fun, sweet, and the perfect read for younger girls.