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In the past few weeks I have read some amazing dystopian novels and looking back now I wish I would have waited to read this one to give it a fair chance I can t really decide if I liked this one or not since I still have Legend and Divergent and I don t know if anything will ever measure up to those 2 books That being said I did enjoy Possession on some level but it just wasn t strong enough in my opinion to stand out in a crowd of books.The story centers around Violet, a baddie criminal who just wants freedom She lives in a place where everything is controlled including who you talk to, what you wear, your job, and even interaction between parents and their children Every person must log into a transmission at night where they are taught the proper ways to live Violet learns how to get around this and thus begins her criminal career When the court decides that she is just not able to follow rules any longer they decide to throw her and Jag a fellow rule breaker in a cell to be transferred later to the Badlands a place of banishment Things start unraveling from there and Violet discovers that in order to survive she must find her Father who left her when she was 7 Does she find him, you will have to read to find out but the adventure there is a long one so be prepared.So the story sounds good, well probably not my retelling but you get the drift I think I would have liked this one better if the main characters would have been likable I started out loving Violet, she is a strong girl who isn t afraid to break the rules, but my goodness this child is whiny I got so tired of reading her inner monologues because they were always about the same things and sometimes it seemed like the whole paragraph was just copied and pasted Jag wasn t much better either I read a lot of YA and I know that instalove is a big thing but these two really broke the record with falling in love after 2 days I had to read that part twice to make sure that I read it right and yup it took them two days to fall in love and Violet had a boyfriend, who was her match and she loved, at the time I guess out of sight out of mind worked for her The whole triangle felt weird, I never believed that anybody loved anybody and it didn t help that with every page there was a new lie that was uncovered to show that all they cared about was themselves So yeah the romance fell really flat with me.I think that the concept of the book needed structure also After finishing the book I am still confused about so many things I would list them but I don t want to type out that much, I will just say that the whole tech world that Johnson has created needs to be explained I was so shocked about all the special abilities also Mind control and voice control are a huge part of the story and while I think they fit the author tended to turn them off when she wanted I just don t understand why Violet didn t use her talents at the end with the final showdown It doesn t make any sense.I really wanted to like this one and maybe i would have if I had read it before a few others but after writing this review I have come to the conclusion that this book would probably have bothered me know matter what.Thank you Kirsten for letting me borrow it I really appreciate it High quality dystopian fiction The sarcastic voice is distinct, and possibly my favorite part of the book As far as the conclusion goes, I was really satisfied, even if or perhaps especially because it s not what you would expect I can t wait to hear what comes next from Elana Johnson #EBOOK à Possession Î Vi Knows The Rule Girls Don T Walk With Boys, And They Never Even Think About Kissing Them But No One Makes Vi Want To Break The Rules Than Zenn And Since The Thinkers Have Chosen Him As Vi S Future Match, How Much Trouble Can One Kiss Cause The Thinkers May Have Brainwashed The Rest Of The Population, But Vi Is Determined To Think For HerselfBut The Thinkers Are Unusually Persuasive, And They Re Set On Convincing Vi To Become One Of Them Starting By Brainwashing Zenn Vi Can T Leave Zenn In The Thinkers Hands, But She S Wary Of Joining The Rebellion, Especially Since That Means Teaming Up With Jag Jag Is Egotistical, Charismatic, And Dangerous Everything Zenn S Not Vi Can T Quite Trust Jag And Can T Quite Resist Him, But She Also Can T Give Up On ZennThis Is A Game Of Control Or Be Controlled And Vi Has No Choice But To Play My Thoughts I had low expectations to begin with, since this book sounded like a ripoff of countless other books, like Matched and its less successful ripoffs Think 1984 with a heavy dose of estrogen But this book truly outdid all knockoff dystopians in its terribleness The plot is a mess, the characters annoying, and the setting barely explained at all.The PlotCan I hear one collective ugh Thank you.First off, it was just annoyingly cliched You have your Orwellian society where everyone is watched, with your garden variety evil government run by spawn of Satan evil people And of course, they ve brainwashed everyone except our chick, who is hanging out with her boyfriend Zenn, some bland white toast nice guy Until, voila, hot James Dean esque rebel Jag sweeps her off her feet And they run away to a place where they can be free for INSTALOVE TRUE LOVE And the lingo is very convenient for identifying the stereotypical good boys and bad boys The mindless, wholesome people are called Goodies and the punk rock, nonconformist people are called Baddies The Baddies are of course ultimate bad boys, liking loud music, partying, black, spiky hair, etc It s like the author put the names in as filler labels to be changed into something original at a later time, then forgot.It only got worse.Way too many of my questions started going unanswered Like, for example, why does the government never enforce the Badlands where the Baddies all live If being Baddie is so bad, not enforcing the Badlands is like taking all the inmates from a max security prison, putting them in a random part of the country without any guards or supervision, and expecting them not to cause any trouble Also, why do the Thinkers evil government people w weird superpowers that are never explained lock up Jag and Vi in normal jail for not following government rules, but when they recapture the two, they change their minds and decide even if they re supposedly impossible to be integrated into normal society, they ll still be perfect Thinkers in training Plus, Vi and Jag kept lying to each other, and then Jag kept ditching Vi Over and over again If I got a dollar for every time they lied or Jag ditched Vi, there would be a worldwide economic collapse Although they have a supposedly amazing relationship, they don t seem to realize that loving someone requires being supportive and open, not just acting petulant.And, every time there was a slight problem, Vi or Jag would use their magical mystery powers or whatever and VOILA The problem would magically go away The powers were never really defined, leading to plenty of confusion over what Vi and Jag and all the other people with weird powers could do For the Thinkers, evil people in government, the big thing is mind control Rangers, who are good in some parts of the book and bad in some parts of the book, can do mind control, technology sensing, and a bunch of other random stuff I had no idea what the big difference between a Thinker and a Ranger was, because some Rangers worked for the evil government.I was wondering if the book could get any worse IT DID.The events started jumbling together and making zero sense Some of the sentences started sounding like hallucinations rather than actual writing, something that would only make sense if someone was on drugs Example I grabbed a blue teeth cleaning tablet and chewed it.Smiling widely, I examined my tongue Through the blue foam, a message swam I willed it to stay so I could read it Stickers only stick when there is danger To remove the adhesive, use a rangerpage 221 You re probably thinking there must be SOME precedent for Vi getting cryptic prophecies in her toothpaste, but I didn t get this paragraph, even though I actually read the book The only thing I can figure out is that sticker is the kind of tracker on Vi, which can t be taken off Your guess to this scene s meaning is as good as mine.Another nonsense exampleSee, Jake programs the simulator to for 3 talents tech, elements, and genetic adaptions Every ranger falls into one of those categoriesSo, did you pilot the helicopter Jag asked Or did you ride the wind Or maybe you adapted Sprouted wings, perhaps page 369 I understand Rangers have powers, like mind control and tech sensing, but do the elements mean you can Airbend like in Avatar And genetic adaptions mean you can just sprout wings like Maximum Ride This is unprecedented No one in the book ever sprouts wings or airbends, so it s totally random.CharactersVi is supposed to be a plucky punk teenager, but she s dumber than a dumb Bella and acts like a petulant toddler Example of her TDTL ness she talks about how she has this special gift to sense tech, yet she never figures out she can control it until, like, halfway through the book, even though a whole boatload of coincidences happen she wishes for a robot to shut up, and it shuts off She wishes for her handcuffs to break, and they break Also, she has special powers and makes some guy s eyes glaze over and do what she says, yet she s super shocked when someone tells her she can control people Geez girl, better not fight in the rebellion You can t afford to lose any brain cells And she s a pathological liar and hypocrite She gets pissed when Jag lies to her, but lies to him all the freaking time.Also, even though Jag is supposedly the love of her life, every time he does something mildly annoying, she explodes and goes into a teenage temper tantrum and does something dumb, like ditch him in the wilderness to go on her own, even though she knows next to nothing about survival.Her narration annoys the heck out of me She s constantly thinking about how hot Jag is, how pissed she is at him, or having an existential crisis of who she should be with, Jag or Zenn Of course, she never thinks about important things, like how to escape from prison or how to improve her mind control so as to not get killed Her romantic language made me gag Jag was right He wasn t bad He was perfect About Jag he s sweet sometimes, but I didn t like him Just some other cardboard bad boy I could have pulled from any other dystopian Plus, he s a jerk He keeps ditching Vi in the middle of the woods and stuff, yet still has the nerve to say he loves her He even ditches her just because she doesn t say she loves him the way he wants her to I don t know what it is You re I couldn t think of the right word that wouldn t reveal my longing Different He dropped his hands and pushed past me, his eyes reflecting a glimmer of moonlight Jag I trotted to keep up with him What did I say I get it now, he said, his voice harsh You only like me because I m bad That s not true and I m just a new adventure for youBut guess what I m not your next rule breaking expedition, Violet page 109 Harsh.I think the author is trying to make him seem sensitive, but in reality, no one reacts like that except that stereotypical woman on sitcoms who thinks everything her husband says is an insinuation that she s fat.He also acts emo in other places, too But I m not really bad, you know That s just what you guys call us We re really just like you page 56 Aww, how sweet He s misunderstood Let s throw a pity party And Zenn I couldn t figure out what his allegiances were So first he s a super Goodie someone who follows the government , a Special Forces agent, but he hangs with Vi and throws illegal parties THEN, he sells out Vi to the Goodies by planting a tracker on her THEN, you find out in Jag s flashback view spoiler that he was a Resistance agent, but double crossed them hide spoiler A dystopian novel for young adults, Elana Johnson s debut novel, Possession, will be published by Simon Schuster in June, 2011.From the author s website Vi knows the Rule Girls don t walk with boys, and they never even think about kissing them But no one makes Vi want to break the Rules than Zennand since the Thinkers have chosen him as Vi s future match, how much trouble can one kiss cause The Thinkers may have brainwashed the rest of the population, but Vi is determined to think for herself.But the Thinkers are unusually persuasive, and they re set on convincing Vi to become one of themstarting by brainwashing Zenn Vi can t leave Zenn in the Thinkers hands, but she s wary of joining the rebellion, especially since that means teaming up with Jag Jag is egotistical, charismatic, and dangerous everything Zenn s not Vi can t quite trust Jag and can t quite resist him, but she also can t give up on Zenn.This is a game of control or be controlled And Vi has no choice but to play.If you couldn t get enough of Scott Westerfeld s series THE UGLIES and have suffered from the cavernous void of emptiness since finishing reading that series, cheer up POSSESSION will help you breathe again The main character from who s point of view the story is told , Vi, has a fresh and unique voice that brings the whole story to life I dont think I ve read such a strong teen voice, well, ever Vi is believable, sympathetic and unapologetically human This book has two hunks vying for Vi s attention and the story will keep you guessing until the very end as to who is the right choice for Vi Be prepared to take sides I can see Team Jag and Team Zenn tee s already Elana s created a world that merges awesome science fiction with real life and all of it set in a world that s just similar enough to our own to make it scary You can see how certain choices we might make today could lead to a world of such extremes And in the end, the moral of the story is the same one we face every day Is there really one right way Because nothing can ever be so black and white, so Good and Bad Can it Truly excellent story telling and fantastic character drive this story with a heart that has meaning for all of us. I blame this on too many dystopian love triangle books in a row, so this rating is partly my fault I got about a third of the way through and just stopped reading Maybe I ll come back to it later. Ugh I seriously could NOT get into this book The reader is thrown right away into this dystopian world in which the Goodies and the Baddies do not agree, obviously The Thinkers are these brainwasher types who fight and condemn freewill The premise had promise heh but that s it Once you start reading this book, it justUGH We get absolutely no world building and yes, I appreciate it when it happens in dystopian books , no real reason to like Violet OR Jag, and Zenn is completely non existent Jag and Vi, I m sorry, but they are not believable Of course, that s a huge issue of mine with most of the YA books these days girl meets boy girl falls for boy within a milisecond boy is bad, but not really He s misunderstood boy has loved girl from the beginningblah, blah, blah though most of the time I can overlook it I couldn t with this book Vi just doesn t seem likable to me and just because the hair is dark and short, spunky does not a protagonist make Overall, I really, REALLY disliked this book I returned it as soon as I figured out I wouldn t be able to get past the first 100 pages. I had a hard time getting into this book I think the potential was there but it didn t grab me I didn t feel connected with the characters and was getting frustrated with Violet, the leading heroin This story is similar to Matched, The Giver and Dilirium I just really wanted to like this book but it just wasn t happening It was just an okay read for me. I felt like there was a significant lack of thorough world building going on with this one Lots of things just did not make sense, and led me to believe that they existed in the story merely to move the plot or characterization along For instance, how does it make sense to put Jag and Vi, both apparently dangerous criminals, in the SAME JAIL CELL, when there is a whole entire room full of empty cells And then to leave it minimally guarded so that escape is possible yet is mysteriously never able to be fully realized That just screams rape scenario to me, and resulted in me not feeling the weird relationship between the two of them at all.And then there was the scene in which Vi eats really good food in jail, in which she eats ham or something, and remarks that she doesn t know what ham is So the guards or Jag told her the term ham Otherwise, she would not know the term I mean, COME ON The most important part of any dystopian novel is credibility and logic I felt like this book left that aside in favor of advancing some magical li l romance between Jag and Vi.Speaking of whichno Just no I think YA readers should be discouraged from falling in love with someone about whom the only thing they know is that he is bad and thus in jail or whatever Come on, Vi You claim to be smart and rebellious what is up with that, by the way You say you re a smart character but all you do is scream and kick and fight and you do no THINKING at all but then end up just as enraptured by love as the next addlepated dystopian heroine Note the quotation marks Yes, they are there on purpose.I never thought I d say I m tired of dystopians, but the recent deluge in the YA genre of poorly conceived dystopians that sacrifice believability and thoroughness for the sake of the illusion they call luuuuv is beginning to make me think I m done with this subgenre And that is a terrible, terrible thing for a book to lead YA readers to. Oh dear Someone is going to have to tell me what the hell happened in this book, because I couldn t follow any of it.It s not often I so badly rate a book, but I have to be honest, Possession was disjointed, incoherent, with unlikable, inconsistent characters and a rambling plot And the synopsis sounded so promising.One of the most important aspects in a dystopian to get right is the world building, and Possession s was vague to say the least A quick run down on what I did manage to grasp There s the Goodlands and the Badlands where the Goodies and the Baddies live The Baddies aren t actually bad, they simply want to have the freedom to wear what they want, dye their hair any colour they like, live how they wish etc The Goodies submit to authority and control, via brainwashing for the most part The Goodlands are technologically advanced, have very strict rules such as no showing any skin, no boys or girls to have contact I always wonder about this type of segregation particularly in a dystopian future Not everyone is heterosexual, just saying and they use mind control to maintain order It s a fairly basic set up and nothing particularly original jumps out so far.Vi, our heroine, I use this term loosely as she does spend an awful lot of time unconscious or sulking , is a Good girl who doesn t like to do as she s told Arrested within the opening chapter for walking in the park with her boyfriend, she ends up in a cell with Jag, a Bad boy and you probably have a good idea of where things go from here Fed up with her attitude in some ways I m not sure I really blame them , Vi is banished to the Badlands I m not entirely clear on why this is a sensible punishment, sending a loose cannon to where, presumably, the rebellious sit around plotting, or even why Vi is so upset about it For all her talk and hatred of the system, when push comes to shove, she doesn t actually want to leave Both Vi and Jag are sentenced to be tagged, so they take off and run immediately to the Badlands.There are far too many inconsistencies to list here, but I did wonder why it was so easy for Vi to just stroll across the border Why was there a tech range about a stone s throw away from Jag s treehouse How is it he s never noticed it before He s meant to be a rebel, so surely he should be aware of these things Characters appear out of nowhere, situations arise randomly, the story jumps around with no warning and nothing is ever explained So many different Capitalised names are thrown at you, I couldn t follow them all There s Rangers, Mind Rangers, Thinkers, Goodie Raiders, Mechs, the Associations of Directors, Free Thinkers, Insiders, Special Forces, Greenies The language is childish but then overly convoluted to describe the simplest of things, such as Vi blacking out I ve read, and loved, books where information is withheld from the reader for a reason Where the plot and sentence structure is beautifully or intelligently crafted in a way that carries the story and you know eventually everything will piece together and make perfect sense Possession isn t one of those books It s simply sloppy and I m have to say it, poorly written It s told from Vi s aggravating point of view but every so often we would suddenly be in Jag s head, with no indication there had been a switch of narration I actually read another review where they weren t sure if there wasn t three different narrators Someone here is missing something and I m not so sure it s the readers.Possession is also, unfortunately, one of the worst examples of the dreaded insta love Violet is deeply in love with Zenn, her best friend boyfriend of five years, but within 24 hours of sharing a cell with Jag, is head over heels for him There s no foundation or reason for it, other than he is attractive though I can t say the blue hair does it for me, but each to their own , In fact, Jag treats Violet like dirt He blames her for things beyond her control, regularly throws a tantrum and runs off in a huff, leaving Violet to fend for herself in the middle of nowhere, lies to her continuously for her own good and because he simply can , controls her with his own powers usually when he wants to make out with her , and has a tendency to randomly burst into tears There were times when I wondered whether he was entirely sane As a character, Violet isn t much better She whines far too much, is foolish and has a know it all attitude that grated from page one Neither is she quite the rebel she seems to think she is.The there s the irritating trait of having your characters do something incredibly stupid and illogical for no reason, other than it creates some action tension drama He has to do this Well why Because he does But, why does he though Because that s the way it has to be.But why Sob the reader and the protagonist.This type of cryptic nonsense happens a lot in this book.I will say the ending had some merit though it far too similar to Scott Westerfeld s Uglies and would have been quite good, had the rest of the book allowed us to actually care about these characters.I don t know why I forced myself to keep reading this, other than I paid money for this book and I was damned if I was going to let it beat me I almost felt like an idiot after closing it and had no freaking idea of what on earth happened in this 400 page book Fortunately, a quick glance at Goodreads reassured me that I wasn t alone in feeling this way It seems I m not the only one who was left utterly bewildered Sorry Johnson, but this ones going on the donate pile No I shook my head No This could not be happening I would not abandon Jag He filled my empty places page 377 I tilted my face up to his and he rested his forehead against mine I mean it, Vi Without you, I would die You really are my Choker I ve never felt so full 316