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The best part of this book was all the photos The descriptions of the ship, the sinking, and the various conspiracy theories were ok, but done better in Dead Wake This book DID have a bit about the exploration of the ship today well, about 20 years ago, since this isn t a current book That was interesting. Well I would like to first start with if I had never studied R.M.S Titanic I probably never wanted to read this book in the first place, I have made the decision to take a deeper dive in the foregn and American shipping such as Civilian, military, and etc Because we as humans have come a long way On my part I wish to complete the study which probably will never end as long as I have questions that need answering I will keep studying These so called Genres But this is a small topic with this book talking about a sinking that turn the tide off world war I 1914 1918 , also leading to Germany s defeat until World War II which funny they were defeated again Thanks to the United States Military and their Iowa Class Battleships to finish the war. I found this used after reading Dead Wake and noting it in Larson s bibliography It is a nice pictorial companion to that book The Goodreads database says there is no hardcover version of this book, but that is what I have. I have always had a strange fascination with fashion ship wrecks and the fact that this book was written by Robert D Ballard immediately piqued my interest Written in a very similar style to his book on the Titanic it blends history, science, technology presents them with a host of stories about the people that were there during the last moments of these great ships.There are so many ways to look at shipwrecks The tragedy of it, the numbers, the political and historical climate at the times of the sinking s All to often each of these are looked at individually when they all work together to form the complete story of what happened in those tragic moments That is what this book aims to accomplish The beginning of this books focuses heavily on the political climate at the time of the sinking specifically bringing in a narrative depicting what the German U Boat was doing leading up to the launching of the fatal torpedo This is one of the greatest strengths of this narrative That is aims to give the reader the most comprehensive view of all of the relevant issues surrounding the disaster For anyone that is looking to learnabout this shipwreck this is a fantastic introduction For history buffs it is a fascinating look at the event in the context of the impact that it had on both the world and on World War One Overall this is just a thoroughly entertaining and thought provoking piece of Non Fiction that has a wide basis of appeal. Ever have a piece of grade A prime beef made into a passable hamburger Yeah, that s what this book was like I wanted it to be fantastic I have a morbid obsession with maritime tragedies, and the late 19th early 20th century is my favorite period of history So, a book that covers a subject that is so intrinsically interesting, yet doesn t rivet me, is quite a disappointment Blame Sebastian Junger and Edward O Donnell for setting the bar too high.The book is large, and contains many full color photographs That s really the strength of this book, its lovely illustrations I enjoyed seeing how people would travel across the Atlantic a century ago, and I even loved the ghoulish details, like the mass grave with the coffins in it.The prose, however, didn t grab me I had a very hard time getting into it The authors chose too many characters to follow, and I just couldn t get attached to any of them Also, many of the details seemed fabricated, or unrealistic Since they interviewed at least some of the survivors for this photographs of the survivors appear in the end I imagine that my impression was wrong, and that these novelized accounts came from good authority, however, when I was reading it, it felt like a Reader s Digest version, something written with an eye to maximum sensationalism.The last section of the book deals with a crew s efforts to explore the hull of the ship This felt like listening to boys talk about their model cars obviously fascinating to some, but completely uninteresting to me.It s an okay coffee table book, but it feelslike a companion to a television show than something that stands on its own. Clearly by 2019 this book is heavily dated, but the classic Lusitania stories are there giving a good context the book s focus, the wreck There are some good illustrations by usual suspects such as Ken Marschall that greatly add to the understanding of the reck and how she has deteriorated over time There are good moral messages in the book too about salvage, something Dr Ballard has been consistently passionate about and makes the reader really think.If you like wrecks or ships in general, you will love this book, even if it is quite old by now. Very much in the vein of his earlier books on the Titanic and the Bismarck, in this book Ballard looks at the Lusitania Several chapters recreated the sinking and its aftermath, while others recount the exploration of the wreck Unlike Titanic, there was no need to search for Lusitania, as she sank within sight of shore and has apparently been something of an annoyance to local fishing vessels ever since, to judge the by frequent mention of nets snagged on the wreck Ballard concludes that there is nothing to the rumors that Lusitania was carrying munitions that should not have been on a passenger ship His explanation for the second explosion that did such catastrophic damage to the ship is that the torpedo threw up coal dust in the nearly empty coal bunkers where it hit, and the coal dust, now thoroughly oxygenated, then ignited. *Download ☠ Exploring the Lusitania: Probing the Mysteries of the Sinking That Changed History ✐ On May , , The Fastest, Most Luxurious Cruise Ship In The Cunard Line, The Lusitania, Was Sunk By A German U Boat, Spurring US Involvement In World War I Now, Bestselling Author Researcher Robert Ballard Probes The Decades Old Controversy Surrounding This Pivotal Maritime Tragedy Illustrated With OverPhotos, Many In Color, Charts, Paintings, And A Four Page Gatefold Didn t realize that this was an oversize picture book when I ordered it, but I m glad it is Very interesting and fact filled book that has plenty of compelling narrative in addition to historic and scientific pictures and illustrations I never knew much about the sinking of the Lusitania I m embarrassed to say, but I learned that May 8th 2015 was the 100th anniversary of it s sinking so I wanted to find outabout it A tragic and unbelievable disaster that some would say helped the US enter WWI The mystery was a second explosion that wasn t related to the torpedo that caused the first. Ah, the joys of a picture book The real payoff of this large format hardcover is the photographs and illustrations There s even a centerfold a large scale before and after illustration of this grand historic liner It gives a fine rendering of the entire wreck in its current state on the bottom Because of the limited visibility uderwater, it would actually be impossible to see such a complete view of the Lusitania This is a painstaking and breathtaking reconstruction of immense value.