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In my opinion, Bad Kitty Meets the Baby by Nick Bruel is hilarious and meets all the criteria for a cat lover Based on Mya s inventory, she likes animal books and wishes she had a cat store Although this is a fictional chapter book, it does have fun facts about why cats climb trees and how to get them down safely.Books in Print listed this book as best for 7 to 10 year olds or 2nd to 5th grade primary to intermediate , so this falls right into Mya s age group as she s in 4th grade For Mya, this book would give her some solid independent reading time as it is a chapter book but not a daunting one Between the engaging illustrations and the cat humor, this book would capture most children s attention It would also be fun to read it along with Mya, taking turns I like to do that with my own kids.Reasons I selected this book for Mya She indicated she wishes she had a cat store So, with that information plus the knowledge of her enjoying animal stories, I thought this one was a hit She could do some independent reading with this one as it is a chapter book but not overwhelming due to the illustrations and the cartoon feel She said if she had a surprise day off from school she would spend the day playing and reading, so I thought this was the perfect fit Not too heavy just fun Liking humorous books was listed, so I had to get her something fabulously funny Being a person that wants a cat, I am certain she will enjoy the factual cat information about why they climb trees and how to safely and realistically get them down Book Hooks Bring in some photos of cats doing funny things or find something on Youtube Make a list of all the funny and factual ways cats behave Bring in some baby photos and talk about what is sweet and not so sweet about babies Pre read page 8 and 9 The skies became dark, the ground began to shake, the air became cold and dank and filled with a horrible stench What could this be Read aloud what Uncle Murray goes through from Day 1 to Day 7 on pages 28 31 as it is in cartoon form and will give the kids a glimpse into kitty s naughtiness Activity Ideas Use the Pussycat Olympics in the book as a model for writing another type of animal Olympics Make a list about all the funny messy adorable things about babies, cats, dogs, etc Reread Uncle Murray s Fun Facts Why do cats climb tree Why do cats get stuck in trees How do you get a cat back down from a tree Do some additional research into cats Use Uncle Murray s Fun Facts as a model for writing fun facts about another animal. take my mind to image what is going on in the book and I like it. It was okay because it wasn t really interesting in the begging but then it got better This book is recommend for people who like crazy things that happens to dogs It is different from other dog story s because the dogs do Olympus with other dogs and cats with just a baby When the guy had to babysit the dogs he wasn t watching and then some stuff got stuck and then they had to call the firefighters. Bad Kitty has met her match But is she another kitty She sure does seem to act like one.All this new kitty does is eat, sleep, cry, and poop.But that s not a kitty That s a baby All the other neighborhood kitties seem to think the new face around the house is a kitty.She even won all the events at the Kitty Olympics.But it s not a kitty It s a baby Bad Kitty is confused.Bad Kitty doesn t really like the baby.Until Bad Kitty finds out that she s adopted just like her.Then Bad Kitty wants to protect the baby from getting a dreaded BATH This is a really cute story Not as funny as the other Bad Kitty books but I think this would be a great read if you child is adopted They could see that Bad Kitty was too and that might make them feel better My Mom was adopted and she told me that my grandma used to read her kids books about it I think this would have been a great one to add to their collection.All in all Love the artwork, love the story, and Love Bad Kitty Greta Kitty fact When my son was born we had a cat named socks Socks did not like the new baby He thought that the baby WAS another kitty and would hiss and hiss at him Then after a couple of weeks, Socks got used to the baby Whenever the baby would cry he would be the first on in the room with his paws draped over the crib waiting for me to come get the baby I always felt that Socks considered the baby his But unlike Bad Kitty Socks didn t mind if the baby got a bath He just always wanted to help. I think good book but some language, because bad kitty don t know baby, she think baby was dog and everyone cat think new kitty just human baby make me little laugh but make little misunderstand. Once again, the book in the series does not disappoint A good laugh out book to read with children They get it. My sister came up to me this afternoon and requested that I read it to her So, we sat down together and we read it.As a side note, my little sister is approximately eight years old.Oh, Poor Kitty I ve read all of the other Bad Kitty series books to my little sister because she enjoys them This was the first chapter book relating to the series that she s brought home for me to read to her.The story line was cute and the illustrations really enhanced the story being told My favorite parts were when they held the kitty olympics and the ending when it was time for baby s bath My sister really enjoyed when Uncle Murray came, and left, and really, the entire book It had that whole vibe of little kid humor, such as how both Kitty Puppy got a refrigerator stuck up a tree my sister found this quite humorous and laughed I smiled at her laughter, but not at the content Aside, it was an okay book for me but a great one for my little sister.I totally recommend this book who wants an easy read or needs something to read to their little sibling child Although, you may find it a little difficult explaining everything around the topic of adoption I was caught up for ten minuets trying to find a simple way to explain to my little sister what adoption is without scaring her Good luck and happy reading Poor Bad Kitty He s finaly getting used to that goofy, drooling dog and now they bring homeanother DOG Well, no, it s actually a baby, but to Bad Kitty, it s a loud, stinky thing, so it must be another dog We loved the original Bad Kitty Liked Poor Puppy maybe a little less so And my son was actually disappointed with the chapter format of Bad Kitty Gets a Bath he liked his Bad Kitty in small doses Last night, however, we took turns trading off the voices in this one, and he loved it He was red in the face from laughing He would definitly give it 5 stars I thought one of Uncle Murray s fact sheets would have been enough, so it was just 4 1 2 for me We ll go back and read Happy Birthday, Bad Kitty, and I can t wait for A Bad Kitty Christmas. {Free Pdf} ⚢ Bad Kitty Meets the Baby · Kitty S Owners Are Home With A Big Surprise For Kitty But What Is It Kitty, Reeling In Horror, Thinks It S A Dog The Neighbor Cats Are Convinced It S A Cat But We All Know That It S Really A BABY With Nick Bruel S Trademark Mix Of Antic Humor This Time Involving A Kitty Game Show And The Kitty Olympics Which The Baby Wins Hands Down , Riotous Illustrations, Total Mayhem, And Uncle Murray Fun Facts, This May Be The Funniest Kitty Book Yet, And The One That Hits Closest To Home Bad Kitty Meets The Baby Is The Winner Of The Children S Choice Book Awards For Third To Fourth Grade Book Of The Year In this latest book, Bad Kitty meets up with the biggest challenge yet a new baby Bad Kitty is convinced that the baby is actually a dog, but his kitty friends determine that the baby is a cat and allow the baby to compete in the Kitty Olympics Enjoy the fun ending to this story as well as a few gems from Uncle Murray.One thing I really loved about the book is that the new baby is actually adopted There is a definite lack of chapter books out there involving adoptions, so I was glad to see that it was so positively incorporated into the story.