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Quite a weird book, but intriguing nonetheless and it s worth checking out for the immaculate artwork alone. So great I mean, if it hadn t been for just watching the first season of the TV series, I probably never would have picked this up to read, but then I would have been missing out on irreverent goodness Believe it or not, this picks up right at the end of the first season s action, although, all the character building has already been done on the show, so I m rearing to go and ready to see what comes next Thankfully, there s plenty to enjoy The Saint of Murderers is great and the bits about the angels is too sweet and delicious not to chortle over, but the best parts have got to be the interactions between Jessie, Cass, and Tulip Irreverent barely describes it, and it s a breath of fresh air.New York was a great hoot, too I hope the road trip continues on This book is something else Violence, sex, booze and craziness Sign me up I read that Seth Rogan is trying to make either a show or movie from this Lawd Help.Reverend Jesse Custer is just a Texas preacher then at a service he bonds with a spirit force named Genesis that makes him be able to get people to do as he asks..just by saying it He teams up with his gun toting ex lover Tulip and Booze hound Vampire named Cassidy And dudes..these are the good guys I need the rest of these books..Right now. In my opinion, one of the best things about this series is its beginning If you ve never read Garth Ennis before, this is a good place to start Because odds are, you re going to love this series, or hate it And, by no small twist of fate, odds are that you re also going to either love or hate Garth Ennis Why would you hate Ennis Well, because his work contains graphic ultraviolence, vulgarity, and blasphemy on pretty much every conceivable level Why would you love Ennis For pretty much the same reasons So my thought is you might as well just in and learn what side of the fence you re going to be on right off the bat. They re making a TV show based on the comic This could be really cool And it s got this guy Dominic Cooper playing the lead character named Jesse Custer.I can get behind this idea So this story is about a yes you guessed it preacher who is having doubts about his faith He gets possessed by a half demon, half angel hybrid named Genesis This entity can make people do whatever it wants Turn them into puppets Nifty trick, that.Tulip is the whiny, angsty ex girlfriend I hope she doesn t stay like that through the whole series But she has a story and isn t quite what she seems either.My favorite is Cassidy, the vampire of course He don t give no shizz bout nobody An Irishman, smoker, drinker, rabble rouser Badass There were some funny moments in this Like the introduction of a character named Arseface who tried to emulate Kurt Cobain by blowing his head off, but didn t quite do the job right and ended up surviving but with a mangled face, and you can t understand what he s saying, so there s this little translation box down in the corner It s wrong, but so funny in an over the top, sick way I didn t really like all the police stuff There s a side story of a nice cop who has the worst luck ever and his partner who is of course the cop of the year steals all the glory but is also a racist and homophobe yet secretly gay and into messed up BDSM orgies Yeah, there s some weirdness going on here But I like it.I didn t tear through this, and it s maybe of a 3.5 star read, but I m rounding up because it s twisted and right up my alley Custer s also got some supernatural, can t die cowboy dude after him well, after Genesis and it s kind of a road trip story also There s a lot of violence and generally offensive stuff like racist police officers using racist language But I still enjoyed it The illustrations were cool The story could have been a little better overall, but this is the first volume, so a lot of it was set up. This did not go the way I expected at all I haven t heard a dissenting voice from anyone about Preacher Not one, although I ve not looked at any of the reviews here on goodreads In fact, I ve had numerous friends say, You have to read this book, and, Dude, you will love this book, and since it was all from people I trusted, loving Preacher was my expectation Nope I hated this book First, this book is populated by the most idiotic array of stereotypes and caricatures certainly these characters can t be called archetypes outside of a Circus Sideshow Foul mouthed, sexed up, lost his faith Preacher Foul mouthed, sexy, Preacher loving hating Moll Foul mouthed, ultra violent Vampire but he s Irish Isn t that original No Not terribly Foul mouthed, racist, Texas sheriff Cormac McCarthy style, unstoppable, amoral Saint of Killers Cocky, arrogant, bureaucratic, disbelieving FBI Agent Too butch, sado masochistic, homophobic homosexual Big city, throw the book out the window, abusive super cop and his bumbling partner Overbearing warrior Angels, sexy Demons, idiotic heavenly functionary Angels An absentee God Dog faced boy I find nothing compelling about this cast of assholes, and I am usually a fan of assholes I can care about assholes if they are unique and I can believe their behaviour Not this bunch, though Second, Garth Ennis is an Irishman writing about a Texan douchebag wandering the U.S., and there are times when it is distractingly obvious that Ennis is not American His Texan characters speak in ways Texans would never speak It might not happen often, but it happens enough that I noticed, and oddly enough, when they slip, they speak precisely like someone from Ireland Go figure Couldn t this story have been told just as effectively in Dublin or Belfast as the starting point Couldn t the Preacher have been a priest Perhaps the Vampire could have been a Yank, then I think it could have been all of these things, and had it been I wouldn t have found myself constantly being yanked out of the comic by inappropriate vocabulary and regional cadences.Third the humor was awful Had one character been a smarmy dipshit, quick with the cutting, insulting banter, I probably would have loved him her But the fact that EVERY SINGLE CHARACTER with the exception of Saint of Killers and a cop named Tool was capable of smarmy dipshittery drove me mad The dialogue was painfully one note and there was a ton of it The dialogue just goes on and on, like a Quentin Tarantino table talk, but without the entertainment value If this is any indication of Ennis usual writing, my expectations have fallen into a muddy trench one I d be happy to leave for the danger of No Man s Land.Sure there were some interesting moments and wannabe twists all of which Ennis telegraphed too obviously , but they were not enough to save this comic for me I worry that I expected too much, though I truly expected greatness I thought I was opening something on par with Alan Moore s best, and with expectations like that there was no way Preacher Gone To Texas could succeed For that reason alone, I will take a crack at the second volume, but Ennis better hook me with that book or I am all out. After reading Kemper s awesome review I knew I d be getting to Preacher eventually now after having read the first volume I m left wondering why the hell did I wait so long It s bloody, gory grit and gasoline pulp Texas style, with demons and angels and a possessed preacher, an Irish vampire and a supernatural gunslinger known as the Saint of Killers who reminded me instantly of Roland Deschain crossed with Randall Flagg.Something has gone very wrong in heaven a terrifyingly powerful entity the offspring of an angel and a demon known as Genesis has escaped to earth and binds itself to a mortal man Jesse Custer redneck preacher of a small Texas parish Jesse needs answers fast as the dead bodies start to pile up around him and the po po are hot on his tail Joining him on his quest and evasion of the law will be his ex girlfriend Tulip, and a ninety something year old Irish vampire called Cassidy There s a vicious serial killer on the loose too just to keep things from, you know, getting boring The word from up on high is that God has left the building Literally Fucked off and left humans to fend for themselves That s not going to stand for Jesse, and he s decided it s time to smoke God out of his hiding hole and get some answers Maybe even a little payback, who knows I surely don t, but I can t wait to find out Yeah so make no mistake this thing is profane It s violent But there s an energy and an aliveness running through the story that s absolutely addictive I can see why this series has stood the test of time and will continue to do so I m sure But don t take my word for it in his introduction to the series Joe R Lansdale calls Preacher scary as a psychopathic greased gerbil with a miner s hat and a flashlight and your bare asshole in sight Heh heh An effective metaphor to make any butt clench up I m sure But this is what really got me Because there is only one PREACHER, a tale out of Ireland, dragged through Texas with a bloody hard on, wrapped in barbed wire and rose thorns If that doesn t make you want to pick this series up then check your pulse, because you just might be dead. WTF Oh man, I was really expecting to be blown away here, but this was just a colossal disappointment So much so, that I m not sure if I even care to continue it was a struggle to even make it through this one.Let s see here two dimension characters, cringe worthy dialog, terrible jokes that mostly fell flat, and a rather dull, juvenile storyline lacking that vital spark In particular, all the scenes with the Adelphi some sort of administrative angels were extremely lame I didn t care much for the artwork either Even the font was annoying and made it difficult to read.Yada, yada, yada no need to get all ranty I will say that it picked up a bit towards the end, so maybe it does improve in the following volumes God, I hope so I just don t understand all the overwhelming love for this series.To borrow a line from my friend Ed Final Judgment Lower your expectations. Preacher has so much graphic violence that the makers of the Saw movies can t read it without projectile vomiting Preacher has such profane language that Chris Rock would cover his ears if he heard it Preacher has acts of sexual perversions so disgusting that Larry Flynt once said he would have never taken his case to the Supreme Court if he knew that this was the kind of stuff that would get published.But damn, is it a great story.Jesse Custer, a reluctant redneck minister in a tiny Texas town gets endowed with the Word of God after bonding to an entity that escaped Heaven Then he hooks up with Tulip, his gun toting ex girlfriend, and Cassidy, a 90 something year old Irish vampire who likes whiskey as much as he likes blood The three join forces on a quest to find God and kick his ass for his neglect of humanity as they fight an international religious conspiracy and the toughest supernatural killer ever seen in all of creation It s not Richie Rich, that s for sure.It s really easy to get caught up in the shocking stuff that happens in Preacher This is a comic series where a character casually states,Curiosity won t just kill the cat It ll bite it s head off and stump fuck the remains til the sun comes upAnd that s mild compared to some of the other stuff that gets said and done Frankly, there are images in the panels of Preacher that I ve sometimes wished I could get out of my head.But look past the shock value, and you ll find a comic classic with almost limitless ambition and wildly original story to tell At times, Preacher reads like Irish born Garth Ennis s love letter to America It s also his exploration of the legends of the American West, the nature of religion, the depravity of people, and the limits of friendship and love Despite the gore, the sex, the language, and the violence, this is a series with a strong sense of morality Jesse and his friends are outraged and disgusted by the depths people will sink too, and the quest to find God is a carry over from that Jesse is angry with what he learns about the nature of God, and sees him as a vain hypocrite who created people and then just lets them suffer while expecting them to praise his name and not lifting a finger to help And to Jesse s cowboy nature, that s an insult that deserves a reckoning.Joe R Lansdale says it best in his introduction in this volumeI m not sure it s a learning experience, but it s a thinking experience, but most important it s unique, and I hope it s uniqueness does not encourage a hundred writers to go out and try to repeat it What they will come up with is just meanness for meanness sake It won t have the edge, the special feel of PREACHER They ll just be imitations Because there is only one Garth Ennis, and only one Steve Dillon, and only one PREACHER, a tale out of Ireland, dragged through Texas with a bloody hard on, wrapped in barbed wire and rose thorns And it s out to get you ^READ EBOOK ☠ Preacher: Gone to Texas ☔ One Of The Most Celebrated Comics Titles Of The Late S, PREACHER Is A Modern American Epic Of Life, Death, Love And Redemption Also Packed With Sex, Booze, Blood And Bullets Not To Mention Angels, Demons, God, Vampires And Deviants Of All StripesAt First Glance, The Reverend Jesse Custer Doesn T Look Like Anyone Special Just Another Small Town Minister Slowly Losing His Flock And His Faith But He S About To Come Face To Face With Proof That God Does Indeed Exist Merging With A Bizarre Spiritual Force Called Genesis, Jesse Now Possesses The Power Of The Word, An Ability To Make People Do Whatever He Utters He Begins A Violent And Riotous Journey Across The Country In Search Of Answers From The Elusive Deity