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Jennifer has turned out another fun book I love that it picks up shortly after the first book ended Again it is whimsical with enough seriousness and unexpected turns of events to keep me interested Again she did a great job with the voice and those random bits of useless pieces of information I especially loved how the science project becomes a major part of the story. Have I mentioned how much I seriously love this growing series If I haven t, permit me a moment to gush Book 1 was fabulous, a reading gem to enjoy in beauty and form, and a wonderful addition to the children s literature arena With its creative storyline, wonderful narrative style and illustrations to add just enough of a visual, the overall picture was one to behold.When I heard book 2 was coming out, I pouncedwell, not literally, but as soon as I saw it arrive in store, I had to read it What I expected was an enjoyable jaunt with Elliot and friends in somewhat the same tone as the first time around what I got was a vibrant story with a magical adventure just bursting at the seams with creativity Yes my friends.it was as good as gold or even better.This time around Elliot Penster, real world boy and yet king of the Brownies in the Underworld, has many problems on his hands From the mundane to the migraine inducing, the real world is hard enoughlet alone the life of a king But a king he is and so he inherits the problems of his people and right now that problem is Grissel Grissel is the Goblin king currently imprisoned in the brownie jailwho will do anything to get out ANYTHING Like what you ask Oh I don t know.how about having the fairies abduct your friends, the pixies abduct another close acquaintance, and then both of them make an unreasonable request in order for them to be returned unharmed Yeah, he s desperate alrightbut you would be too if you were fed chocolate cake all day with nothing the drink well, you would be after a while at least The release of this creature sounds easy, but in fact the last time he was out, many Brownies went from friendly little Underworldlings to appetizers, entrees, and desserts Suffice it to say, his chances of getting out by word of the king are slightbut it IS the Underworld and there are OTHER ways of getting him to agree Can we say Kovol Who s that Oye..you NEED to read book 1 Yeah, a demon that s feared across the landand Elliot s being sent to do what to him rereads plot Oh boy OO Guess it s a good thing he s asleep gulp As the book warns you from the beginning, the middle and the end, prepare yourself to face your fears and if you re lucky, you just might avoid an extended stay at St Phobics Hospital for Really Scared Children Yeah, I ended up cancelling my stayso they TOTALLY have rooms available Don t get me wrong, it s state of the art, but I think I ll stick with the 3 hour tour.the 3 hour tour sorry, couldn t resist Recommended reading for older children 8ish and up through adults It s a wonderful tale of adventure and magical creatures, you won t soon forget. @EBOOK ê Elliot and the Pixie Plot (Underworld Chronicles #2) ⚣ An Entire Floor Of St Phobics Hospital For Really Scared Children Has Been Set Aside Just For Readers Of This Book You May Wish To Take A Minute Before You Start Reading And Reserve Yourself A Bed ThereAs You Read, You May Begin To Understand Myctophobia Mic Tofo Be A , Or The Fear Of Darkness However, Do Not Expect This Book To Help You With Arachibutyrophobia A Rak I Something Be A , The Fear Of Peanut Butter Sticking To The Roof Of Your MouthIf You Can T Get Yourself To St Phobics, Then Get Every Lamp, Flashlight, And Lantern You Can Find And Drag Them Into Your Bedroom Turn Them All On You Ll Need Them Until You Re Certain There Is Nothing Lurking In The DarkAt Least, That S What Elliot Wishes He Had Done Great for 5th and 6th grade readers Funny and entertaining I have loved having my 5th grader read this out loud to me. Another fun adventure with Elliot In this one, Elliot and the readers visit the Underworld as he is forced by the pixies and fairies to steal a sock and hair from the sleeping demon Kovol Some new characters are introduced and readers are again laughing aloud at the humorous writing and illustrations There are interesting facts as well I learned about the muskox and was refreshed on the Mariana Trench randomly throughout the story I think this one was just as interesting and good as the first I have already started on the third and final book. As the second one in this series, this title is funny and fiesty like the first one This time Elliot, now crowned King of the Brownies, has been paired up with Cambria on a science fair project, much to his dismay However, before they can get very far, Elliot is approached by Mr Willimaker who demands that Elliot release Grissel the Goblin, except that Mr Willimaker doesn t seem like Mr Willimaker The next thing you know, Tubs and Elliot get fairied to the underworld Elliot, wanting to help his friends, then goes on a dangerous quest get certain things from a very evil and dark creature Told in a sarcastic, witty way, readers will laugh, worry and rejoice as the plot develops Black and white line illustrations by Gideon Kendall highlight the wonderful expressions on the characters faces Although it is the second one in the series, readers need not fear Nielsen writes, if you haven t read it, don t worry Neither has Elliot. The chapter names are fun The story happens a few weeks after the first one ends The no pixies were hurt in the making of this book bit at the front made me laugh The wit and banter is really funny All the stuff I liked in the first book are in this one Examples Author talking to the reader, Illustrations, and Humor I like that Elliot missed his family while he was away His family is far from perfect, but it is his, and he missed them Fun characters and fun story This is another great read for younger audiences I have not read the first book in the series, but I found this book easy to read and follow Jennifer keeps the action going in this book I enjoyed the humor that flowed from one silly obstacle to the next as Elliot tries to meet the demands of the angry Pixies This is a fun book to read and hard to put down, a real page turner I enjoyed the Gripping Mud, surprisingly tasty turnip juice and a tingly invisibility potion gone wrong Along the way in the journey Elliot learns how to navigate some different kinds of relationships and appreciate the better qualities in unlikely allies. This one was much better than book 1 Except the way the fairies and pixies talked lolElliot had to go on a mission for a sock and hair that each group wanted to fight over a forest, but really Elliot just wanted to save his friends The way trust was built and stuff was what made the story for me Not bad. I m not sure if this book was less funny than the first one or if the novelty just wore off There were still parts I found absolutely hilarious, I do really love the voice But I also felt like there was grossness in this one I still enjoyed it, just not as much as the first.