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A Vintage Affair is a wonderfully written novel I really didn t want the book to end Hearing Phoebe s and Mrs Bell s story was sad but also very enjoyable Their stories were eerily similar in the reasons why both felt so guilty Isabel always managers to create such interesting back stories for her characters and both Phoebe s and Therese s were well crafted Therese s in particular must have taken a lot of research because it was very well explained.I thought Phoebe was a brilliant character and I could feel her guilt about Emma and felt so sad for her I also completely understood why she blamed Guy even though the truth does come out in the end regarding that night.Therese was a very interesting character and I found she and Phoebe got along really well together Their relationship was so easy going even though they hardly knew each other We learn of Therese s story really early on it wasn t dragged out at all It was such an interesting and sad story, too I felt so sorry for Therese that even after all of these years she still couldn t forgive herself.Of the minor characters I really liked Dan I felt he got along better with Phoebe than Miles did I was surprised to learn he was colour blind, it was an interesting addition to his eccentric character As I said, I don t think Miles and Phoebe really got on all that well and I just couldn t warm to Miles He completely spoilt his daughter, Roxy, and I found her just as irritating Roxy came across incredibly selfish and her behaviour was horrible.I really liked Annie, Phoebe s part time helper in the shop I liked her enthusiasm for the vintage clothes Phoebe sold I found Phoebe s mum hilarious with her constant wanting of facials and facelifts and all kind of treatments I loved the story of the cupcake dresses and how each of the girls managed to acquire them Katie was probably my favourite of the 4 so different to the spoilt Roxy, she earned the right to buy her dress rather than being able to get her daddy to get it for her A Vintage Affair is probably one of my favourite books of the year It was throughly enjoyable and is just as good as the other Isabel Wolff books I ve read Her writing just gets better better Rating 5 5 After the untimely death or her best friend Emma Kitts, Phoebe Swift decides to start over She breaks off her engagement, quits her job, takes out a massive bank loan, and opens her own vintage clothing store, all while struggling to overcome her feelings of responsibility for Emma s death The daily running of Village Vintage soon brings her in contact with many interesting people including Dan, a color blind, spontaneous, film buff and news reporter, who wants to open his own movie theater and actually builds a personal screen in his backyard shed Miles, a wealthy partner in a law firm who would rather work in the French vineyard that is partly his, and single handedly raises a spoiled teenage daughter named Roxy Annie, a struggling actress who loves vintage clothing and would rather write plays than act in them.Mrs Bell, an elderly woman who struggles with the memories of losing her own friend, Monique, during the holocaust, a loss for which she too feels responsible A Vintage Affair has so many plot lines for a 340 page novel, that there is no time for the reader to become emotionally invested in any of them Wollf s tale is much like a chick flick in book form It is easy and engaging enough, that you fly through it without too much difficulty, but nothing grips you at the climax, the story simply ends.The description of the clothing is interesting, but the incessant referencing of designers and the allusions to pop culture further work to take the reader out of the novel and hinder any sort of emotional attachment. [Free Ebook] ♌ A Vintage Affair ♗ Every Dress Has A History And So Does Every Woman In Isabel Wolff S Captivating A Vintage Affair, A Treasured Child S Coat Becomes A Thread Of Hope Connecting Two Very Different WomenHer Friends Are Stunned When Phoebe Swift Abruptly Leaves A Plum Job At The Prestigious Sotheby S Auction House To Open Her Own Vintage Clothing Shop In London But To Phoebe, It S The Fulfillment Of A Dream In The Sunlight Flooded Interior Of Village Vintage, Surrounded By Yves Saint Laurent Silk Scarves, Vivienne Westwood Bustle Skirts, Cupcake Dresses, And Satin Gowns, Phoebe Hopes To Make Her Store The Hot New Place To Shop, Even As She Deals With Two Ardent Suitors, Her Increasingly Difficult Mother, And A Secret From Her Past That Casts A Shadow Over Her New VentureFor Phoebe, Each Vintage Garment Carries Its Own Precious History Digging For Finds In Attics And Wardrobes, Phoebe Is Rewarded Whenever She Finds Something Truly Unique, For She Knows That When You Buy A Piece Of Vintage Clothing, You Re Not Just Buying Fabric And Thread You Re Buying A Piece Of Someone S Past But One Particular Article Of Clothing Will Soon Unexpectedly Change Her Life Th R Se Bell, An Elderly Frenchwoman, Has An Impressive Clothing Collection But Among The Array Of Smart Suits And Couture Gowns, Phoebe Finds A Child S Sky Blue Coat An Item With Which Bell Is Stubbornly Reluctant To Part As The Two Women Become Friends, Phoebe Will Learn The Tale Of That Little Blue Coat And She Will Discover An Astonishing Connection Between Herself And Th R Se Bell One That Will Help Her Heal The Pain Of Her Own Past And Allow Her To Love Again From The Hardcover Edition I have a hard time coming up with a genre for this one, reviews have said it s a lovely romantic comedy and she is described as writing chick lit But first there is no humor in this one, and yes it has romance but not anythan a normal book It s not focused on the romance., and i don t want to call it chick lit Let s just call it a normal book with romantic tendencies But the book is so muchthan that, it s about friendship and loss, and there is a story about WWII that almost breaks my heart and I keep on hoping.Phoebe has lost her best friend and she is trying to cope with that, she has left her boyfriend, and she blames herself, him, and she missed Emma How she die you learn after awhile as Phoebe talks with the old lady telling her story about Emma, their friendship and how it all ended She is trying to go on and she has bought a store and transformed it into a vintage store since that is the clothes she love Then one day she gets a call from an old French woman who wants to sell her clothes, but in her closet there is a little blue coat and Phoebe gets to hear a story as she visits, a story about friendship during a hard time in occupied France There are similarities between their stories and perhaps they can find forgiveness and friendship in each other.I enjoyed this book a lot and I could not put it down Isabel Wolf weaves a wonderful and delightful story and the corner stones are the vintage clothes that Phoebe sells They make the story I feel like I want to wear them too, even though I am like Phoebe s mum, I don t want to wear old clothes But they seem so lovely, and unique She explains about the clothes, their history and meaning Even if I don t know everything she makes me know.There are sad parts too, I had hope for so long time and kept turning the page and wanting To learn the truth, and I did feel sad at times It does deal with some heavy things.And yes there is some romance, she meets a man, is he the man, or is someone else for her But I was alwaysfascinated in Phoebes relationship with the old woman, and the two stories belonging to that But the romance needed to be had so she could move on and love again, because I wanted her to be happy There is also the story about her parents and the search for understanding and forgiveness there, so there are some themes that echo in the book.Delightful and wonderful is how I would like to describe it It makes me want to go out and find a vintage shop A very sweet read that made me hold my breath at times. BN Recommends Among BN booksellers who helped choose the book, Amy Abst of Duluth, Minn., said, I want to share it with my mother, my sisters, and my friends And don t even get me started on the vintage clothes Lovely BN said the book tells the story of Phoebe Swift, a young Londoner whose decision to quit her job, break her engagement, and open a vintage clothing boutique strikes some as peculiar I felt I needed a change, Phoebe explains to an attractive journalist just before the opening of her shop in South London But it s not really that simple Although Phoebe s store is the culmination of a lifelong passion, her heart is weighed down with grief due to the death of her best friend, for which she feels responsible To evade her guilt, Phoebe throws herself into her work, filling the shop with Pucci silks, Balenciaga gowns, cupcake dresses, and other couture creations As Phoebe embarks on an exciting love affair, she also becomes enmeshed in the past of Therese Bell, an elderly French woman who wishes to sell her designer suits and gowns Coming unexpectedly upon a well preserved child s coat in her new friend s wardrobe, Phoebe unlocks a secret that Therese has held close since her youth in Nazi occupied France A Vintage Affair is vividly colored with endearing characters and lovingly stitched with human sympathy. Hist ria de uma amizade inesperada, entre duas pessoas de idades e meios diferentes, mas que vai acabar por ser a salva o de ambas.Bem escrita, com personagens cativantes e cheia de glamour Recomendo I have owned this one for a number of years and finally decided to take it down from the shelf.It was EXCELLENT If you love fashion and vintage clothes, this one is for you Phoebe Swift after working for an auction house decides to strike out on her own by opening Village Vintage The shop immediately starts doing business.Meanwhile Phoebe has broken up with a man whom she was engaged to be married but then her best friend who had also been interested in the same man dies Phoebe blames her finance and refuses to speak to him after giving him back his ring Two other men come along, Dan who is color blind and Miles whose baggage is a sixteen year old spoiled brat of a daughter.There are also problems with Phoebe s own parents Then Phoebe goes to see Therese Bell who has a story about a little vintage blue coat which sends Phoebe on a computer search for a child taken to the concentration camps during WWII.How this plays out is a great read Such a talented writer to pull everything together especially as I am not real fond of cotemporary novels. Creo que no fue mi mejor momento para este libro Siento que hace un tiempo lo hubiera disfrutado m s. Se me hizo entretenido y poco m s Very cute I liked that it focusedon a storyline than just romance As Tammi mentioned, this would make an adorable movie I d love to see all those beautiful dresses on film This made me want to go vintage dress shopping ASAP I am not going to rate this book with stars I m beginning to think this star business is dicey at best anyway In reading this book I am reminded of the many gifts to be found between two covers This is a book club readand one I would not have selected Two thirds of the way through, having grumbled and grown impatient with the writing, much to my surprise I found tears spilling It was dawning on me that this book wasthan the words on the page and the romantic genrein so many ways it is my dear friend s storyher way of telling us of herself The woman she is How life has touched her A true and profound gift One for which I am eternally grateful.I cannot recommend this bookbut if ever again a friend hands me a story I will quiet myself and consider the meaning of such a gift.